PORT Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley says Jack Watts needs to become a "more reliable" person after the video scandal that spread online this month.

Video emerged on social media two weeks ago showing Watts snorting a white substance at Oktoberfest in Germany last year

The former Demon told the club it was a powder called wiesn pulver, a legal substance made up of menthol, sugar and glucose that is popular at the event.

Hinkley said he shared the common reaction of "disappointment" when the vision surfaced and described it as a "really, really poor look".

"But what I will say for Jack, is that it was a significant amount of time ago, and Jack's made some significant adjustments to the way he wants to live his life now," Hinkley told AFL.com.au

"I'm prepared to say 'Jack, this is part of your past and I'm sure there are other things in your past that you're probably not super excited by, but let's work towards what your future is going to look like. And that the Jack Watts that has some experiences of life now doesn't let those same things happen'."

Watts, who is entering his second season at Port after nine years and 153 games at Melbourne, has trained with the Power's midfield group in the off-season.

With wingman Jared Polec leaving to join North Melbourne and forward/midfielder Chad Wingard traded to Hawthorn, Hinkley hopes Watts can fill some of their void in a midfield role. 

But Hinkley said the 27-year-old had made changes in his life over the pre-season off the field as well. 

"Jack's got to become a more reliable person. He would say that himself, without me talking for Jack. Being a good person is really important to anyone," he said. 

"Jack would sit there and say some of his behaviour is not a mirror image of a good person and he wants to be a good person."

Port plays Adelaide (on Saturday, March 2) and then North Melbourne (Saturday, March 9) in the JLT Community Series, before opening its home and away season against Melbourne at the MCG.