FANTASY Classic coaches are needing every one of their two trades in the latter stages of the season to deal with the injuries and bad luck that keeps coming their way.

The was high drama on Friday night as Josh Kelly (quad) was withdrawn prior to the Giants’ match with the Cats. That thwarted many trade plans as coaches had to think quick and make their moves before the lockout.

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Luckily there was a bit more time to think about the Kelly trade than the subsequent Callum Mills (Achilles) move on Saturday night. Less than 10 minutes before the bounce of the ball in the Swans versus Saints clash, Mills was withdrawn from the team.

While there was plenty of drama over the weekend, including a first-quarter injury that saw Patrick Dangerfield’s night end with just 15 points to his name, there are quite a few coaches on track from scores in excess of 2400 this round.

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In this episode …

1:00 - Calvin is dominating this weekend and is proud to impart his wisdom across all sporting platforms.

7:30 - Roy 'forgot' to take his captaincy off Tom Mitchell and was handsomely rewarded.

12:30 - Josh Kelly's late out was announced nice and early by the Giants.

16:50 - Will the dreaded syndesmosis take down Sam Walsh?

24:00 - The crossover we have been waiting for, Roy's Rollin' 22 x Cal's Scale of Hardness.

28:50 - Brayden Fiorini is the fourth highest scorer in the last five rounds behind the big three.

33:10 - Some Hail Mary moves you could consider.

35:45 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

40:00 - Calvin suggests trading Marcus Bontempelli and Roy says Tim Taranto is a good option now he's back in his midfield.

44:10 - Can you take a rookie score and trade an under-performing premium?

49:15 - The boys are split on whether they hold or trade Darcy Parish.

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