EVERY six rounds, the team at Champion Data run the numbers to update Toyota AFL Fantasy positions. The first group of dual-position upgrades is due following round five and will be embedded into the game after the Easter Monday game.

The stats gurus allocate the Fantasy positions at the start of the season based on their roles from the previous season. These take into account their starting positions and where they’re lining up during the game.

Round six updates will use the same philosophy when allocating dual-position upgrades. Players with a single position can add a second position if they are playing more than 35 per cent in a different role. It is to be noted that players already with two positions will not add a third.

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Players must have played in four of the first five games to be eligible for the first round of DPP adjustments.

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Looking across the roles of players over the first three rounds, we’ve compiled a watch-list of players who have been discussed by coaches and may pick up dual-position status ahead of round six.

Some players could become relevant in Fantasy Classic, in particular the midfielders who gain DEF or FWD status and possibly challenge the top players for their lines. Fantasy Draft coaches will also be looking for these players but will welcome any flexibility players with DPP can bring for their squads.

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Dayne Zorko (Brisbane Lions) MID > DEF/MID
Just two centre bounce attendances (CBAs) over the first three rounds – and all in round one – Zorko is spending time playing behind the ball. There looks to be enough data at this point to say the man who scored 145 in round two could be in the mix to gain DEF.

Mitch McGovern (Carlton) FWD > DEF/FWD
Clearly playing in the back-half of the ground, but is unlikely to help many as he’s only rostered in 12 per cent of Fantasy Draft leagues.

Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood) MID > DEF/MID
The move to half-back that was flagged in the pre-season has happened and we’re seeing Pendles take kick-ins (10 of the Magpies’ 30) and attending fewer than 50 per cent of their centre bounces in each game. Coaches who targeted him for potential DPP on Draft day will be stoked to call him Defendlebury after round five.

Scott Pendlebury in action against Geelong in round three, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Nick Daicos (Collingwood) MID > DEF/MID
Plying his trade at half-back in his first three games, with some handy Fantasy points as one of the best cash cows of the year, Daicos should gain DEF status. It has been suggested he’ll spend some time playing forward in the absence of the suspended De Goey, but there should be enough time in defence next to his name.

Jordan Clark (Fremantle) MID > DEF/MID
Coming off his best game of the season scoring 87 in the Derby, Clark has been playing back and should be a DEF/MID as he was at the start of his last season at Geelong.

David Swallow (Gold Coast Suns) MID > DEF/MID
If you are in the 33 per cent of Draft coaches still with Swallow who is averaging 56.3, it could be because you’re hoping for DEF status. It could be a good hold … but you’d want his game to turn around. Or get back in the midfield.

Angus Brayshaw (Melbourne) MID > DEF/MID
The injury to Salem has probably meant Brayshaw has gone to the backline more than initially planned. He took 20 marks last week for a round-high 156 Fantasy points. With prior scores of 86 and 83, he’s outperforming his average draft position (ADP) of 260 and especially so with DEF status.

Luke McDonald (North Melbourne) MID > DEF/MID
Solid scores in his move back to the backline could make McDonald relevant for Draft leagues. The 73 averaging McDonald has a Fantasy ton next to his name and has been a worthy defender pick in the past.

Luke McDonald takes an acrobatic mark against Hawthorn in round one, 2022. Picture: Getty Images

Josh Battle (St Kilda) FWD > DEF/FWD
Some may have grabbed battle as a free agent after the round two score of 117. More valuable in the shallower forward line, but as a bench option, the DEF/FWD flexibility may help.

Josh P. Kennedy (Sydney Swans) MID > DEF/MID
With no CBAs so far this year, it looks like JPK is playing in defence, but it hasn’t been good for his Fantasy scoring. He’s posted 45, 74 and 58 so he could be available as a free agent. Kennedy is a good name to have if you like searching back in the history books to see the five season he’s averaged more than 100.


Jordan Dawson (Adelaide Crows) DEF > DEF/MID
Spent some time on the wing, but there has still been plenty of time where the ex-Swan has played as a defender. Not a lock to add MID status, but a chance.

Zak Butters (Port Adelaide) FWD > MID/FWD
Attended 58, 59 and 35 per cent of Port Adelaide’s centre bounces over the first three rounds. The 39 per cent of Fantasy Classic coaches will be happy with the added flexibility he’ll have, especially around bye rounds.

Zak Butters in action during the Power's clash with Brisbane in round one, 2022. Picture: Getty Images

Jack Sinclair (St Kilda) DEF > DEF/MID
Ranked as the sixth highest scoring defender after three rounds at an average of 99.3, a shift into the midfield has certainly helped Sinclair’s scoring. He’s attended 32, 71 ad 51 per cent of the Saints’ centre bounces.

Isaac Heeney (Sydney Swans) FWD > MID/FWD
Although there’s been some forward time (and scores have still flowed), Heeney has been used in the engine room and on the wing.

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Tristan Xerri (North Melbourne) FWD > RUC/FWD
One of the better forward cash cows in Fantasy Classic, Xerri’s role has been a bit of a surprise, taking Todd Goldstein’s No.1 ruck role in the opening rounds. He’s been at 56, 63 and 66 per cent of ruck contests for the Roos.


Darcy Fort (Brisbane Lions) RUC > RUC/FWD
Sharing the ruck role with Oscar McInerney, Fort has been playing enough forward to warrant the RUC/FWD DPP. The only issue is that Big O is missing this week through suspension and his time as a forward may be a bit limited by then.

Tom De Koning (Carlton) RUC > RUC/FWD
Second fiddle to Pittonet and needing to play forward, but won’t really win too many extra fans with DPP.

Connor MacDonald (Hawthorn) MID > MID/FWD
We love a rookie gaining forward status. McDonald’s dual-position addition could give him a couple of extra weeks as coaches look to sell. His Fantasy Classic breakeven is 4, so there’s still cash to make but with the FWD status, he could sit there for a bit longer as you bring in a fallen premium in the midfield for another forward rookie such as Rachele.

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Todd Goldstein (North Melbourne) RUC > RUC/FWD
Xerri is at more ruck contests, therefore Goldy is sitting forward. Unfortunately his average of 50 isn’t going to make any of those who drafted him with ADP of 84 any more happier with DPP. He’s been dropped by plenty of coaches so far as he appears in just 67 per cent of teams.

Jason Horne-Francis (North Melbourne) MID > MID/FWD
Early on, the No.1 NAB AFL Draft pick was looking like a lock to gain FWD status. In the last couple of rounds he has attended 55 and 59 of North’s CBAs. Could be a line-ball come round six.

Liam Baker (Richmond) DEF > DEF/FWD
Scores haven’t been fantastic (56 average), but could be handy for Draft forward benches in deep leagues. Probably needs to be further up the ground to hit the 73 average he managed last season. Available in 68 per cent of leagues.

Noah Balta (Richmond) DEF > DEF/FWD
Another DEF/FWD in the mix. Deep leagues might take a look.

Noah Balta celebrates a goal against St Kilda in round three, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Rowan Marshall (St Kilda) RUC > RUC/FWD
Was the main ruck in round one and two, but the inclusion of Ryder saw him have a 48/52 per cent split in round three. If this continues in round four and five, we could see FWD status added. Will it be enough? Possibly not. But it could be some relief for coaches who had to wear 64 and 66 in the last two rounds after a ton in round one.

Luke Parker (Sydney Swans) MID > MID/FWD
After kicking five goals in round one, many coaches thought FWD status was on the cards. He was at the most CBAs for the Swans in round three meaning that it may not happen … but it would be nice!

Tom Liberatore (Western Bulldogs) MID > MID/FWD
Libba was recovering from Covid in round one which was a possible explanation for solitary centre bounce attendance. This has increase in the last two weeks, but he was at just 39 and 23 per cent of the Dogs’ CBAs, a massive change from last season. Keep an eye on him over the next couple of weeks and possibly make a deal with one of your Draft league mates for a handy FWD pick.

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