RICHMOND coach Damien Hardwick says there's some doubt about the output of Dustin Martin when he returns from illness for Saturday's clash against Geelong.

The Tiger ace missed last week's win against Carlton because of a bad bout of flu which Hardwick says knocked Martin around.

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"How he comes out, we're not too sure," Hardwick told reporters on Wednesday.

"But we're pretty confident it (Martin's best) is not too far away.

"What we have got to realise, the level of expectation on Dustin is incredibly high.

"The way he plays the game even at 60 per cent is far above probably most, to be fair.

"He has been playing his role. We have been winning games with him playing that role. Just him being in the side is a bonus for us."

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Key defender Robbie Tarrant is also a chance to front against the Cats despite a hand injury suffered in last Thursday's win over the Blues.

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"He's a tough bugger," Hardwick said of Tarrant.

"He did that injury in the first three to four minutes and got an injection, had a plate inserted on the Friday or Saturday.

"He is looking likely at the moment."

Robbie Tarrant at Richmond training at Punt Road Oval on June 22, 2022. Picture: Getty Images

Hardwick said a selection call on Tarrant would be left to the last possible moment.

"It's not the best thing to look at, to be fair, his hand at the moment," he said.

"But obviously with the plates in there it does make it stronger.

"He has just got to feel comfortable enough to play and if he is, we will pick him.

"He's a guy with great experience, has been around these sorts of things before, so he will have a better understanding than most about what is required to get the job done."