'SET AND forget,' they said.

Never have I seen so many names roll through the three available ruck positions like I have this year. When the plan for many coaches at the start of the year was to minimise burning trades in that positions, it feels like that’s all we have done. Ironically, the safest pick has been the one who came back early from a knee reco! Go figure.

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The Giant human wrecking ball is the gift that keeps on giving. The Braydon Preuss rollercoaster was in full flight this week with a one-week suspension topping off his injury and 14-point performance. The twist in the ride was the drive-by that took out the No.1 ruck in the game, Tim English, who will miss this week with delayed concussion following a monster tackle. This turn of events leaves some coaches without an available big man this week, especially after popular trade target and bench option Brynn Teakle was subbed out and had follow-up surgery on an injured shoulder. 

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We didn’t get much of an opportunity to celebrate the end of the byes this year as the carnage continues but just a friendly reminder, we are back to two trades per week and we return to business as usual for the run home. Be the butter mouse, team, let’s go!


  • Luke Jackson (RUC/FWD, $537,000)
  • Patrick Parnell (DEF, $261,000)
  • Harry Himmelberg (FWD, $673,000)
  • Massimo D’Ambrosio (DEF, $204,000)
  • Andrew Brayshaw (MID, $929,000)


  • Zak Butters (MID/FWD, $614,000)
  • Braydon Preuss (RUC, $657,000)
  • Max Gawn (RUC, $845,000)
  • Sam De Koning (RUC/DEF, $437,000)
  • Greg Clark (MID, $456,000)


  • Harry Himmelberg (FWD, $673,000) +$73,000
  • Toby Greene (MID, $656,000) +$53,000
  • Jacob Wehr (DEF, $366,000) +$53,000
  • Jake Soligo (MID, $403,000) +$52,000
  • Patrick Parnell (DEF, $261,000) +$49,000


  • Lachie Fogarty (FWD, $462,000) -$60,000
  • Jeremy McGovern (DEF, $548,000) -$53,000
  • Taylor Duryea (DEF, $471,000) -$50,000
  • Jack Higgins (FWD, $450,000) -$45,000
  • Jack Bowes (DEF, $638,000) -$38,000
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Greene continues to shine with number six

Toby Greene refuses to give up with another fine mark and finish to bring up his sixth goal of the game

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  • Patrick Parnell (DEF, $261,000) – 15
  • Jake Florenca (MID, $230,000) - 14
  • Luke Cleary (DEF, $261,000) - 10
  • Cooper Hamilton (MID/FWD, $291,000) 1
  • Jacob Wehr (DEF, $366,000) 3


  • Darcy Parish (MID, $869,000) 155
  • Kyle Langford (MID, $667,000) 152
  • Zac Williams (DEF, $609,000) 148
  • Jack Steele (MID, $892,000) 147
  • Josh Kelly (MID, $885,000) 144

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Luke Jackson
RUC/FWD, $537,000
The injury to Demons skipper Max Gawn has left a huge hole to be filled in the ruck department. Lucky for them, and us coaches, there is a ready-made star in the waiting who is capable of stepping straight up. While Max dealt with injuries against the Pies, Jackson’s time on ground reached his second-highest for the year at 83 per cent and he had his third highest score with 82. He has a BE of 56 and is a play for the cash-starved.

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Jackson wows with stunning ruck action

Luke Jackson gets the Melbourne faithful roaring after this dazzling goal out of the ruck contest

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Christian Salem
DEF, $655,000
After a round one injury on just three, the Demon defender's price has continued to plummet since his return despite impressive scores of 94 and 91. He has dropped $124k in total and is in bargain territory for a player projected to maintain the 90+ average he has demonstrated. He has a BE of 100, so will be in the price range for the next couple of games before returning to a more appropriate price.

Andrew Brayshaw
MID, 929,000
Looking for value has merit, but if you are within reach of going to the top, it's hard to say no. The 22-year-old Docker is having a sensational year and he doesn’t look like slowing down, unlike a number of midfield premiums who have seemingly hit a wall. He is averaging a phenomenal 118 this year and has only dropped under 90 on one occasion. His form prior to the bye was phenomenal with scores of 131 and 141.

Also consider: Harry Himmelberg, Patrick Parnell, Massimo D’Ambrosio.


Nick Daicos
MID/DEF, $640,000
The Pies young star saw a spike in game time in his last two outings, recording percentages of 84 and 87 respectively and it's no coincidence his scores did the same with 109 and 114. Pies skipper Scott Pendlebury has shifted predominantly back to the midfield which leaves the creative responsibilities with the youngster off half-back. He has collected 36 and 33 possessions in his last two games playing this role.

Tim English
RUC/FWD, $884,000
Although it’s disappointing that the star ruck will be missing this week with concussion protocols, be grateful he somehow played out the match despite the incident occurring early in the first quarter. He was outstanding once again against the Giants, collecting 23 possessions and six marks to go with 34 hitouts for a score of 114. He is clearly the best ruck in the game.

Connor Rozee
MID/FWD, $695,000
Port Adelaide's 22-year-old dual position player is set for a further spike in midfield time given the injury to teammate Zak Butters. He has been doing enough of late to stay in teams despite coaches having an itchy trade finger to remove him for a number of weeks. His last three scores are 113, 89 and 94 and his breakeven is just 74 as a result. He has a good match up versus the Suns.

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Rozee runs rings around them in stunning goal

Connor Rozee brilliantly weaves his way through a host of Tigers before slotting this insane goal on the run

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Also consider: Braydon Preuss, Will Brodie, Tom Stewart.


Zak Butters
FWD/MID, $614,000
Despite being traded out by a number of coaches last week, many held faith and gave Butters one more week to prove his worth for the run home. He started the game on fire, rewarding those who held, comfortably leading the scoring in the game before copping a knock to the knee and subbing out early in the second quarter. He has to go now given the four-week diagnosis.

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Port gun's day cut short with leg injury

Zak Butters is subbed out midway through the second quarter after suffering a leg injury in this contest

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Jake Lloyd
DEF, $682,000
The star Swan has been well down on what we have become accustomed to over the years, but this was next level. In 80 per cent game time, the former ball-magnet managed just 18 possessions with an almost unrecognisable two marks for a season low 48. His three-game average leaves him with a BE of 118 which basically guarantees a further price drop after decreasing $141k already.

Max Gawn
RUC, $845,000
The superstar big man remains in a number of teams due to the sheer carnage that occurred through the byes. Although in the best case scenario he could return in the next two weeks, the worst case scenario would see you sitting way too much cash on your bench for an extended period and there is no guarantee he hits the ground running upon return. When he does he will have a BE of 116.

Also consider: Sam De Koning, Greg Clark, Paddy McCartin.


They are cheap and a POD but it’s not where I would like to be going, even in these desperate times.

His form has been outstanding, so back yourself if you like it.

Because you must keep fighting the good fight.

The safe play is Parker, but if fit, I have Timmy Time ahead.

If you are at the luxury upgrade stage, you could definitely trade to an uber premo.

Peatling and Butters. Maybe trade one of them to a Jackson type you can swing into the ruck to cover English.

All amazing options… But I would take Macrae.

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