DUE TO the recent spike in injury and suspension, many coaches are a week or two behind schedule in terms of removing their rookies off the ground but with some good luck at the selection table this week, most will have it done for round 16.

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If you are already in that boat – and don't have Tim English or Tom Stewart issues to deal with – you are in the luxury position of removing the weakest link and trading towards a team that comes as close to replicating Roy’s Rollin 22’ as possible. The days of value hunting are over for these coaches, they are going straight to the top!

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On the flipside, you may be in a position of owning someone like the suspended Stewart and still rolling with a rookie like Nick Daicos in the back line. If you want to fast track a ‘completed team’ from a position like that, then value selections are well and truly in play. If, for example, you trade Stewart out to bring in a fallen premium like Jake Lloyd who was last week's leading scorer, that would give you enough cash to trade Daicos to the likes of James Sicily. Both are unlikely to be top six defenders, but with some luck, they won’t be too far off.


  • Luke Jackson (RUC/FWD, $586,000)
  • Jack Steele (MID, $880,000)
  • Elijah Hollands (MID/FWD, $190,000)
  • Jackson Archer (DEF, $208,000)
  • Aaron Hall (DEF, $761,000)


  • Tom Stewart (DEF, $815,000)
  • Greg Clark (MID, $456,000)
  • Sam De Koning (FWD/DEF, $435,000)
  • Ben Hobbs (FWD/MID, $508,000)
  • Nick Daicos (DEF/MID, $655,000)
Sam De Koning in action during Geelong's win over Richmond in round 15, 2022. Picture: Getty Images


  • Harry Himmelberg (FWD, $741,000) +$68,000
  • Darcy Fogarty (FWD, $459,000) +$56,000
  • Rhylee West (FWD, $479,000) +$52,000
  • Luke Jackson (RUC/FWD, $586,000) +$49,000
  • Karl Amon (MID, $818,000) +$48,000


  • Kyle Langford (MID, $603,000) -$64,000
  • Brayden Fiorini (MID, $578,000) -$63,000
  • Will Setterfield (MID, $516,000) -$60,000
  • Ed Langdon (MID, $579,000) -$53,000
  • Dion Prestia (MID, $676,000) -$52,000


  • Massimo D’Ambrosio (DEF, $232,000) 2
  • Rhett Bazzo (DEF/FWD, $254,000) 6
  • Jackson Archer (DEF, $208,000) 8
  • Brodie Kemp (DEF, $314,000) 8
  • Darcy Fogarty (FWD, $459,000) 8
Jackson Archer looks to kick in North Melbourne's round 15 match against Adelaide at Blundstone Arena on June 26, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos


  • Darcy Parish (MID, $869,000) 155
  • Adam Cerra (MID, $673,000) 148
  • Bailey Smith (FWD/MID, $872,000) 140
  • Kyle Langford (MID, $603,000) 139
  • Dion Prestia (MID, $676,000) 138

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Jack Steele
MID, $880,000
The Saints skipper didn't miss a beat upon return from a four-game layoff, in fact he managed his second highest score of the year with 124 from 29 possessions and 10 tackles to show he is over any shoulder concerns. Although he is carrying a high BE of 122, the $138k price drop from the beginning of the season reinforces the fact he is still a value selection and will be one of the top players for the run home.

Luke Jackson
RUC/FWD, $586,000
Despite an element of unknown regarding Jackson's role and how long it will last, his form last round when given the number one ruck responsibilities showed he is well worth owning, at least in the short term. He collected 21 possessions and laid a whopping nine tackles against the Lions for 125 which gives him a BE of just 30 leading into a much friendlier match up against the Crows.

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'Dogga' brings up Dees' dozen

A cracking snap from Luke Jackson gives Melbourne a healthy lead

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Karl Amon
MID, $818,000
The lowly-owned Power running machine is having a purple patch following his round 12 bye and it's hard to ignore. In the last three weeks he has managed scores of 122, 117 and 139 to be one of the form players of the competition despite his price not reflecting that. He has a BE of just 61 and is owned by just one per cent of the competition. If you are looking for an underpriced unique, this is your man.

Also consider: Harry Himmelberg, Jake Lloyd, Hugh McCluggage.


Patrick Cripps
MID, $785,000
There is growing frustration from Cripps owners regarding his low ceiling in recent weeks. After only dropping under 120 on two occasions in the first eight rounds (one of which was an injury), he has failed to do so since. He is averaging 92 in his last five weeks which isn't ideal for a premium midfielder. Unless you have a luxury trade, he is a hold given his scoring potential and match-ups against the Saints and Eagles in his next two.

Tim Taranto
MID/FWD, $746,000
Whether you held the star Giant or got him in on the back of a strong game in the reserves, you would have been disappointed with his score of a season-low 56. Now you have him, you might as well hold as he will be better for the run as he regains the form that should see him well entrenched in Roy’s Rollin’ 22. It won’t take long for him to return to his early season form.

Jack Crisp
MID/DEF, $837,000
There were plenty of coaches disappointed with the Pies star's score after recording his worst score since round one, which was 69 from 19 touches. Just remind yourself, Crispy has been a consistent beast with a low score of 99 in the last 10 weeks and he has a dream run of games against the Suns, Roos and Crows to remind you just how good he is.

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Crisp puts the nail in with super running goal

Jack Crisp kicks the match-sealing goal to cap off an incredible performance from the Pies

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Also consider: Ollie Wines, Luke Parker, Adam Treloar.


Nick Daicos
DEF/MID, $655,000
After back-to-back triple-figure scores, the Pie ball-magnet deserved to hang around until his big scores dried up. Although he was still impressive with 25 possessions, his mark and tackle count were down which resulted in a score of just 66. It's time to move the legendary cash cow on to one of the in-form defenders of the competition like Sam Docherty or Jordan Dawson, who are continuing to pump out big hundreds on a weekly basis.

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Magpie Army erupts as Daicos drills his first goal

Nick Daicos is surrounded by teammates after delivering his first major in the AFL

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Tom Stewart
DEF, $815,000
The superstar Cat is set for some time on the sidelines following an uncharacteristic bump against Dion Prestia. He had another outstanding game for his coaches, playing a whopping 94 per cent time on ground while collecting 29 possessions and taking six marks for 106. Unfortunately his price doesn't reflect his sensational season following his round 12 concussion and score of 44.

Tom Mitchell
MID, $789,000
The Pig's role has become too inconsistent under Sam Mitchell and the Hawks aren't getting the most out of their superstar ball magnet as a result. After being unleashed through the midfield with scores of 120, 112 and 112, his role has changed again the past two weeks and his scores reflect that with returns of 70 and 81. He is now carrying a break even of 122, a score he would cover in his sleep in the right role.

Also consider: Ben Hobbs, Greg Clark, Sam De Koning.


As Warnie would say, I'm biased because I'm on the 'HH' train, but at the moment, it has to be him. Until he has a significant role change, he is killing it! 'Crippa' to Steele is nice, but not if 'DeGoat' is missing again.

That's the million dollar question. He scored a 40 a fortnight ago we need to remember. For that price, I think he's an option but the flag is his match up was very easy for defenders.

That's a tough one. I think we just hide behind the 'remove rookies first' excuse here… The trade Heeney next week.

If you have decent cover, I think you hold. He is a good chance to return next week. If you cover him with someone like Jamieson (as Calvin would) he must be traded.

I love what 'Libba' is doing, so I tick it off. You have to be prepared for the odd 70 though. Duncan could really benefit with some +6 across half back while Stewart is out, so he is also a great option that I tick. If I have to split them, I think it's Duncan, as I had him projected as a top-three forward at the start of the season.

All outstanding names there, you can't go wrong. I think Laird is probably the safest player in the game at the moment, and he has the easiest draw… But I do love Doc.

Hey mate, it’s impossible to answer all the quality questions each week but this week, you are a winner! I would take Bont and Jackson and reassess what to do with Jackson once Max is back

Highly doubt it… What a man though.

Very relevant question. I'm never a fan of chasing uniques, but the names you have mentioned a definitely viable options. Touk is going to be hard to pass up however!

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