Ticket Resale

As there can be high demand for AFL matches, some individuals seek financial gain by purchasing tickets and then on-selling them at a higher price. The practice has existed for years but with digital advancements, it has increased substantially in recent years.

Professional ticket scalpers employ sophisticated technology to buy tickets in bulk once tickets go on sale. They will then attempt to sell these tickets at a higher price through any number of platforms, including Viagogo, Ticketmaster Resale, Ebay, and Queen of Tickets, among others.

The AFL cannot verify tickets advertised via third parties and so we encourage all members and fans to purchase tickets via the official ticket seller to avoid the risk of being denied entry to the game. Links to purchase online can be found at afl.com.au/tickets.

Isn't ticket scalping illegal?
Legislation around re-selling tickets above face value varies from state to state. It is, however, always against the AFL's Terms & Conditions to do this. Any tickets that can be identified can be cancelled without refund. This is not always a deterrent for re-sellers though as it is the ticket purchaser who is denied entry at the venue and the seller has already been paid.

How do we know who the official seller is?
We understand that this can be confusing as these resellers spend a lot of money to ensure they're the top result when searching online for 'AFL tickets', etc. The AFL and Club websites will always direct to the official seller for any game. Links to purchase tickets online can be found at afl.com.au/tickets.

How can these resellers provide guarantees on the validity of the tickets?
These guarantees are not verified by the AFL, clubs or venues. Some resellers may offer you a refund after you lodge a complaint but no AFL venue is under any obligation to honour tickets purchased via unauthorised re-sellers.

What is the AFL doing to fight against these resellers?
The AFL has taken steps to limit the access of professional ticket scalpers by limiting the number of tickets that can be purchased in one transaction restricting the ability to print tickets until closer to the match reviewing common resale sites and cancelling tickets that can be identified when advertised above face value Unfortunately, even with additional legislation against reselling, the practice cannot be completely prohibited. Many of these sites are based outside of Australia and therefore aren’t bound by any Australian legislation.

Why should I buy through the official seller?
If you purchase through an unauthorised reseller, the price could be well above the face value, the tickets are not guaranteed and venue staff are not obligated to assist you if the tickets aren't valid. Tickets purchased through the official seller are sold at a price set by the home club (or for finals, the AFL). Your ticket is also 100% guaranteed and if something does go wrong, the venue box office staff will always be able to assist.

What should I do if I am denied entry with a ticket purchased through a reseller?
Most of these resellers will have contact details listed on their websites but below are some common ones.

Ticketmaster Resale
1300 651 607

The Ticket Merchant


1300 651 607

Queen of Tickets