Chad Warner celebrates a goal for Sydney against Carlton in R10, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

IT'S not quite gone in 60 seconds, but Sydney has put its foot down like no other team in the competition this season, with only the Western Bulldogs coming close to matching them for the ferocity and speed with which they can punish opponents on the scoreboard.

Last Saturday night, the Swans ripped the heart out of Adelaide in a stunning five-goal burst in the third quarter, turning a nine-point deficit at the 22nd minute mark into a 21-point lead by the end of the term.

According to Champion Data, the Swans kicked five goals in just eight minutes and four seconds, which is the fastest streak of five goals recorded this season.

When you take out time lost for centre bounces and other stoppages, the five Swans goals were kicked in just three minutes and 28 seconds of game time.

Of the six fastest five-goal streaks this season, three of them belong to the Swans. Their five-goal burst against Carlton in round 10 was clocked at eight minutes, 22 seconds while the five consecutive goals they kicked against Geelong in round 13 came in nine minutes, 30 seconds.

Hawthorn's breakthrough win over North Melbourne in round six included a five-goal run in less than nine minutes in the second quarter, while the Bulldogs kicked five goals in nine minutes, six seconds in the first quarter against St Kilda earlier that round, effectively ending the game by quarter-time.

Mitch Lewis celebrates a goal for Hawthorn against North Melbourne in R18, 2023.

We have to go back to Opening Round to round out the top five, with Carlton's five-goal burst at the start of the third quarter in its incredible comeback win over Brisbane clocked at nine minutes, 11 seconds. Remarkably, the Lions had themselves kicked five goals in 10 minutes, 18 seconds in the opening quarter of that game to hold a 32-point lead at the first break.

Overall, the Swans have enjoyed a League-leading 12 runs of five or more goals this season, with the Bulldogs in second spot with nine, including a streak of seven goals in a row against Fremantle last weekend, five of which came in just 11 minutes at the start of the third quarter.

Brisbane, Collingwood and Geelong have each had eight streaks of five or more goals this year, with the Pies' manic style of play, which has been so effective under Craig McRae, also leaving them exposed to leaking big runs of goals the other way.

Nathan Kreuger celebrates a goal during Collingwood's clash against Melbourne in round 13, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

The Pies have conceded as many streaks of five or more goals (eight) as they've scored themselves, and they're an outlier on that list among bottom teams like Richmond (conceded five or more goals in a row 14 times), North Melbourne (12 times) and West Coast (seven times).

Fastest five-goal streaks, 2024
Sydney v Adelaide, round 14: 8:04 (3:28 game time)
Sydney v Carlton, round 10: 8:22 (4:46 game time)
Hawthorn v North Melbourne, round 6: 8:55 (5.05 game time)
Western Bulldogs v St. Kilda, round 6: 9:06 (5.30 game time)
Carlton v Brisbane, OR: 9:11 (5.10 game time)
Sydney v Geelong, round 13: 9:30 (4:49 game time)

Most 5+ goal streaks scored, 2024
Sydney - 12
Western Bulldogs - 9
Brisbane - 8
Collingwood - 8
Geelong - 8

Most 5+ goal streaks conceded, 2024
Richmond - 14
North Melbourne - 12
Collingwood - 8
West Coast - 7
Adelaide - 6
Carlton - 6
Fremantle - 6
Geelong - 6
Hawthorn - 6