SUNDAY looms as the crunch day for Collingwood superstar Jordan De Goey as he looks to make an unlikely recovery from right hamstring issues that have limited him to one quarter of football since round 19.

De Goey flew to Germany earlier this month and worked with soccer giant Bayern Munich's Doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt for additional treatment on his soft-tissue problem.

The match-winner told Channel Seven he intended on featuring in the decider, should the Pies prevail over Greater Western Sydney on Saturday.

Trainers talk to De Goey at Collingwood training. Picture: AFL Photos

"Tomorrow's probably going to be the main day just to tick off everything, so I'm pretty much confident that I'll get through it all and we should be right for next week, as long as we get through the game today," De Goey said.

He suffered a hamstring tendon injury against Richmond in round 19 and returned for the Magpies' qualifying final against Geelong, but suffered a strain early on in that clash.

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The 23-year-old has been feeling optimistic about his body.

"I've actually been feeling really good and pulling up better than I have been before," De Goey said.

He pushed for the trip to Germany after his teammates Darcy Moore and Jamie Elliott flew to work with the famous doctor during the pre-season to deal with their own hamstring issues.

"I was pushing for it pretty hard because I've heard some pretty good stories about the guy over there and what he's been able to do with other players. It was a bit of (my decision), and the medical staff thought 'You know, we've got nothing to lose'," De Goey said.

For De Goey, it was the right call.

"I learned a fair bit about my body and what needs to improve in order to get back. It was a really beneficial trip for me and the club also," De Goey said.

De Goey explained what the doctor, who has worked with sporting giants Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt and Cristiano Ronaldo, did.

"He's a really interesting fella. When he's massaging the hamstring, he doesn't actually push down, so it's all feel, and he reckons over the 30 years' experience he's had, it's just learning how to feel the hamstring how it should be feeling if you've got a good one, and if not, where to look for," De Goey said.

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