Dylan Moore celebrates a goal during Hawthorn's clash against Geelong in round 17, 2024. Picture: Getty Images

WE START the year aiming to win our league premiership and hope that we can put it together and win the Toyota HiLux, but the money-can't-buy prize of a hat numbered with your top 100 placing is what dreams are made of.

Roy is having a great year in AFL Fantasy Classic.

'destROY' is currently ranked 112th in the competition and just 17 points of 100th place. While his weekend didn't go as planned (Caleb Serong and Izak Rankine combined for 151 while his players traded out, Jack Crisp and Jy Simpkin racked up 218), his squad is positioned to win his maiden Fantasy hat.

A lot will come down to the issues of the week which include the outcome of Rankine and Isaac Heeney when the MRO hands down findings from round 17.

Regardless, Calvin penned a song to help inspire Roy – complete with film clip – to get The Traders their first top 100 finish since Warnie's in 2009.

Forwards are a focus of the podcast as coaches look to fill out their fifth and sixth on-field positions. Dylan Moore and Matthew Kennedy are targets while some cheaper options are considered for those in a range of positions.

Plenty of players are discussed as Calvin and Warnie answer your questions ahead of round 18.

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In this episode …

1:30 - Warnie defeated Calvin by 244 points in round 17.

5:00 - Roy jumps on the phone to chat about the health of his Fantasy team.

9:35 - The world premiere of "Roy's Hat (Hell Yeah)".

12:00 - Zak Butters and Connor Rozee gets Warnie's +3 for the week.

14:40 - "He didn't turn up in the last quarter" – Errol Gulden scored three in the final term.

17:00 - Colby McKercher gets into third on the Cash Cow of the Year leaderboard.

19:35 - Max Gawn was subbed on Sunday, but we also have MRO worries for Isaac Heeney and Izak Rankine.

24:25 - Were there any relevant players who gained DPP?

27:00 - Is Dylan Moore at the top of the shopping list to get as F5 or F6?

32:15 - Can you look at Jy Simpkin as an option? What is his fixture like?

36:10 - Shaun Mannagh is the rookie of the week to grab.

39:05 - Can you drop a premium to Colby McKercher?

41:50 - Andrew Brayshaw is worth looking at as an option under-$900k.

44:00 - Who is the ruck with the best run home?

45:15 - The most traded players including The Traders' moves.

47:00 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter, @aflfantasy on Instagram and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

49:30 - Is Tom De Koning a ruck option?

53:40 - "You don't have confidence in whoever you're bringing into F5 or F6".

57:15 - Can you field a rookie over Alex Sexton?

59:10 - Can you have Mattaes Phillipou as a bench player to loop?

1:02:10 - The full version of Roy's song.

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