DAMIAN Barrett says the AFL has successfully used the ambiguous nature of the game's rules to its favour when ruling on the Dane Rampe controversy.

EXCLUSIVE AFLPA concerned about 'excessive' Rampe fines

"There's too much grey in all aspects of AFL administration," Barrett said.

"They like the grey because it gives them room to wiggle and it gives them room to say what was not paid on Friday night with Dane Rampe was the right decision.

"But we also know as fact that had they paid the free kick to David Myers – which I think they should've – they would've also have been able to say as a statement of fact it was the right decision.

"We're just living in this world of grey where everything is defendable."

Barrett also criticised the preferential treatment of the League's stars after Gary Ablett and Nat Fyfe were cleared by Match Review Officer Michael Christian.

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