RICHMOND star Dustin Martin is reportedly "shattered" plans for a family Christmas in Bali have been dashed after his father was denied entry.

Martin told the Sunday Herald Sun his father Shane Martin arrived at Bali's airport and was told he could not come through because Australian officials requested he be denied entry.

Shane Martin was deported to New Zealand last year over his links to the Rebels motorcycle club, missing his son's Grand Final win as the Tigers claimed their first flag since 1980.

He challenged that decision in the Federal Court, but he still doesn't have a visa to re-enter Australia despite Immigration Minister Peter Dutton conceding the decision to kick him out of the country should be overturned.

"I was so confused, I've been to Bali before, even after my visa was cancelled and had no problems," Shane told the Sunday Herald Sun.

He said the officials told him: "I'm sorry - we've been told by Australian government not to let you in."

Dustin Martin said he couldn't understand why his father was denied entry.

"We had Christmas in Bali planned for a while - way before the minister's decision was overturned - and it was gonna be really special for my family to be all together," he told the newspaper.

"I was just shattered and really confused. Why would they stop him from going to Bali now? We were there a year ago and nothing changed apart from dad winning his case.

"I'm a really proud Australian and I love this country but this just isn't a fair go."