The AFL wishes to advise it today wrote to the eight clubs in the NAB AFL Women’s Competition to outline the list rules for the 2018 season and the guidelines for the upcoming Sign and Trade Period.

The key points for media are as follows:

  • Clubs will have a primary list size of 27 players for the 2018 NAB AFL Women’s Competition, with a further three rookie list spots available.
  • Clubs will be able to re-sign up to 22 players for their 2018 List during the Sign / Trade Period, which will operate from May 15-26 (2017 lists were 27 players, meaning a minimum of five players per club will be delisted).
  • During the May 15-26 Sign/Trade Period to build their 2018 List, clubs can re-sign players from their 2017 list (with the player’s agreement) and/or trade for players from other AFLW club 2017 lists.
  • Trades may only occur with the consent of the AFL and all players and clubs involved in that trade.
  • Trades are not restricted to 1-1 player swaps and can involve multiple players for one player, and can also involve multiple clubs within a trade.
  • Draft picks for the 2018 NAB AFLW Draft can be traded however future NAB AFLW Primary Draft selections in the 2019 Draft may NOT be traded.
  • Any player involved in a trade to another AFLW club must be signed by that club to its primary list for the 2018 season. A Player may not be on-traded.
  • Once a player has signed with a club, that player cannot be traded to another club for the 2018 season.
  • If a player elects to leave a club and that club is unable to secure a trade for that player, the AFL will have the discretion to determine if compensation selection(s) would be required at the 2018 NAB AFL Women's  Primary Draft.
  • Contracts for all re-signed players must be lodged with the AFL by May 25.
  • The 2018 NAB AFL Women's Draft will be held in mid-October, to finalise lists for next season with the remaining spots available for all clubs up to their final primary list size of 27 players.
  • The Free Agency Period for the NAB AFL Women’s Competition will run from May 29 – June 1. Any player from a club’s 2017 list not offered a place for 2018 will be an unrestricted free agent. Any player from a club’s 2017 list offered a place for 2018 at a lower payment tier will be a restricted free agent.
  • Clubs may nominate up to two rookies who come from other sports for their rookie list, with the agreement of those rookie players, from May 15 onwards.
  • Father /Daughter Rule – A player may be nominated by an AFLW club to be a father/daughter selection if their father played at least one AFL game for that club. 

The AFL will issue a paperwork summary at the conclusion of each day of the Sign and Trade Period of any trades / re-signings that have been formally approved that day. 

The AFL will holding a meeting of all eight AFLW clubs at AFL House on Tuesday May 16 from 10am to 1.30pm where clubs will be able to discuss 2018 Primary List considerations.