CARLTON is expecting star midfielder Bryce Gibbs to stay at the club amid speculation on his future, and has quashed suggestions that the Blues are interested in GWS midfielder Ryan Griffen.

Gibbs requested a trade to Adelaide last year, but Carlton’s Head of Football Andrew McKay said he is yet to receive any indication of history repeating this year.

“He’s contracted for another couple of years, so we’re hoping and expecting that he’ll be with us for those couple of years,” McKay said on NAB AFL Trade Radio on Monday.

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While McKay admitted he couldn’t confirm that the 28-year-old would remain at Carlton and that the situation was in Gibbs’ hands, he said he expects Gibbs and his management to understand the club’s position.

“The bottom line is he loves Carlton, he’s a Carlton man, so we’d expect him to be going around next year for us.”

Rumours of the Blues’ interest in Griffen were quashed by McKay, who said the club would not pursue the veteran midfielder.

“He doesn’t quite fit our profile,” he said.

“We haven’t made any advance or know anything about that at all.”

Other Giants are on Carlton’s radar, with McKay confirming the club is interested in Matthew Kennedy and Devon Smith.

McKay described Kennedy as a “bull” in the mould of tough Blues midfielder Patrick Cripps, and said he would suit the need to add depth to the side’s midfield ranks.

“There’s no secret, we need to bolster that midfield.”