IN so many ways Dayne Beams is a complex character.

After six largely successful seasons with Collingwood, the 25-year-old put his hand up for an off-season trade to the battling Brisbane Lions. 

Beams was a best and fairest winner and premiership player for the Magpies, yet few people outside his family and teammates know much about him.

He is now the highest-paid player on the Lions' list, but is quietly spoken and stays out of the limelight.

That's just the way he likes it.

He loves playing footy on the weekends, loves his family, and couldn't be happier with his new home and decision to change clubs.

While things haven't gone according to script on-field for the Lions during the first half of the season, off the field Beams could not be happier.

His primary reasons for heading north are well documented – wanting to spend more time with his ill father, Phillip, and wanting to play alongside younger brother Claye.

"Footy for me is not the be all and end all," Beams tells the AFL Record this week. 

"I love being around the people I care about and love. It's been great for me this year.

"I'm only 45 minutes down the road from my parents. It's something I haven't been able to do in previous years.

“There are times in footy seasons when you're low and feeling shit because things aren't going your way, or you're having a rough trot, but to have them around the corner or there for support is something I haven't had before.

"I'm not taking it for granted – it's been really good."

Six months into his new life, the challenges have been plentiful but Beams is having a blast.

"There was a fair bit of publicity around me moving to Brisbane – I embrace that and take it on," he says.

"I want this young group to move forward and have some success.

"Brisbane has been down the bottom of the ladder and I want to be a part of taking them back up the ladder, and if I can share my knowledge with these young guys and help us become a better club I certainly will.

"I look forward to the challenge."

Read the full Dayne Beams feature in the round 13 edition of the AFL Record, which is available at all grounds.