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GREATER Western Sydney and the Sydney Swans have accumulated more points for their academy prospects by trading down the draft order.

The Giants received two third-round picks - No.55 and 58 - from Hawthorn in exchange for No.48. 

The deal moves Hawthorn up seven places in the third round, and gives GWS more points to bid for its academy prospects.

Under the AFL's new bidding system, pick No.48 is worth 302 points while No.55 (207) and 58 (170) a worth a combined 377 points.

Similarly, the Swans received two second-round picks - No.36 and 37 - from West Coast in exchange for No.23. 

The deal left the Swans with 985 points from the two picks; an improvement of 170 points on the value of No.23 (815 points).

With 20 minutes before the trade deadline, the Giants then completed a pick exchange with Collingwood that reaped another 100-point profit.

GWS bundled up picks No.27, 66, 77 and 84 (combined value of 783 points) and sent them to the Magpies for picks No.34, 53 and 63 (combined value of 887 points).    

On Wednesday, Melbourne used a similar rationale to trade its way to pick No.3 and No.7 in separate exchanges with GWS and Gold Coast.