THE LOVE affair between former NFL punter Pat McAfee and the AFL continues.

McAfee, who watched round one of the AFL season due to it being one of the few sporting leagues that went ahead in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, instantly became obsessed.

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He posted to his 1.7 million followers about his new love of footy, and his since brought Collingwood's American star Mason Cox onto his radio show from Indianapolis.

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McAfee quizzed Cox about specific elements of the game throughout the segment, all the while playing highlights of the game, with some bizarre questions asked of the Pies tall.

The questions included:

  • Why players are allowed to drop 'catches' and still get paid a mark?
  • Why it's not a foul to jump on someone's back?
  • Why players don't form human towers on the goal line to stop goals?
  • Why midfielders can also go forward and kick goals?
  • Why a celebration happens after a player marks the ball?

McAfee, a punting great of the NFL, might be the next Category B rookie at this rate.

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