CARLTON coach David Teague has revealed clubs are unable to remotely track their players' training through the competition shutdown.

Teague said that under an AFL ruling, clubs can't use any equipment to remotely monitor the efforts of players.

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"You're not allowed to track them with any GPS or anything like that," Teague told ABC Grandstand on Sunday.

The first-year coach said many of his players used technology such as smart watches but any feedback flowing back to the club was on a voluntary basis.

"In terms of that (GPS) feedback coming back to the club, that is whether a player wants to volunteer it or not," Teague said.

"We can't demand it of the players and that's an AFL rule.

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"We've got no real issue there and most of our boys are feeding back information but it's an AFL rule, not a club rule."

Teague believed mental health was behind the ruling so players didn't feel under constant scrutiny while away from the club.

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He trusted the Blues would stay in good shape while they were away from the club after impressing through the pre-season.

"I'm really confident with our group that they will do the work - we've got a highly driven group who are really motivated," Teague said.

"The way they applied themselves over the pre-season, I was super impressed with."

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Teague said had been given no official timeline for the resumption of the AFL competition, with the governing body telling coaches they would get an update later this month.

"The AFL said on April 27 they will come out and let us know whether we come back in early May but my gut feel is that it probably won't be then and it will get pushed back," he said.

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Meanwhile, Teague was against an idea floated by ex-Carlton coach Mick Malthouse that round one points should be scrapped.

With such a time lag between rounds one and two, Malthouse said the opening round should be considered a practice round, with the competition starting properly with the next game.

Despite Carlton losing to Richmond, Teague said the result should stand.

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"We went out there to win and Richmond were too good on the day so I'm comfortable with them starting with four points and us with zero," Teague said.

"It's an interesting one, if you were to go to a 17-round competition and you scrapped that you'd have to find another week as well which might be a challenge.

"I understand the sentiment but we went out and lost so I'm happy to wear it on the chin."

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