PORT Adelaide chairman David Koch is confident Ken Hinkley will still be at the club in 2021.

Last year, Hinkley confirmed there was a clause in his contract essentially requiring the Power to make finals in 2020 to trigger an extension.

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"As far as I'm concerned, Ken will be coaching next year because we're incredibly confident of the team that we've got now going forward," Koch told ABC radio on Sunday.

"I don't talk about people's contracts but it seems to be a massive focus and I know Ken's talked about it.

"But it was there as we had performance triggers in virtually all our contracts with people who work for us because ... we're a performance organisation.

"Because there's that trigger there doesn't mean it will be triggered at all.

"If there's a clause there it just means that there's an opportunity – if the club agrees and wants to do it.

My view is Ken's in a great spot at the moment, the team's in a great spot.

- David Koch

"The work that he's particularly done in the last two years, in terms of building our list, we could not be happier with.

"And so I'm extremely confident that Ken will be coaching next year."

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In December, chief executive Keith Thomas advised he would step down when his contract ends in October.

Koch wouldn't say whether the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic would change Thomas's situation.

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"Keith has indicated he doesn't want to renew at the end of October, which is the end of our financial year," he said.

"Frankly ... we've actually got a fair bit on at the moment trying to organise or reorganise the club and have some blueprint going forward.

"He is an integral part of that and the restructuring of the club and we look like next year.

"So that's what we're focused on at the moment."

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Koch said the club's hierarchy are focused on operational matters and looking after club staff rather than the future of Thomas.

"October seems a long, long way away at the moment ... eight weeks seems a long long (time) ago as well," he said.

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"And things have changed enormously.

"So there'll be a time when we come and talk about that."