AN INCREDULOUS Paul Roos has left Melbourne players Dean Terlich and Alex Georgiou in no doubt that their 'Mad Monday' costume was completely unacceptable, with the duo to face a club-imposed sanction.
The teammates attended Monday’s function with Terlich, 24, dressed as disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris and Georgiou, 24, dressed as a girl.
Harris was sentenced to jail in England after being found guilty of indecent assault on victims aged between eight and 19 between 1969 and 1986.

Roos said he was speechless when he heard what Terlich and Georgiou wore and said he did not share the view that it was just boys being boys.
"I find it hard to believe a couple of players could turn up like that and as a footy club … [we are] completely unhappy with their behaviour," the Melbourne coach said. 

"It's unacceptable and I unreservedly apologise to anyone that we have offended."
Late on Tuesday, Terlich and Georgiou released a joint statement apologising for their behaviour.

“We would like to apologise for our actions yesterday and the harm we caused. It was an insensitive choice and we are very embarrassed by it,” the duo said.

“Our thoughtless actions compromised the club and we sincerely apologise for that. We let down the supporters and everyone involved in the club.

“We would also like to apologise to the AFL for our actions at a time when the attention should be on the teams playing finals.”

Roos was in no mood to give the players an excuse and said the duo was extremely embarrassed and remorseful.
"The problem with days like yesterday is they just don't think," Roos said. 

"There is no malice. There is just no thought process (that) goes into it and I think that is the worst part about it."
Roos said the two players are fundamentally good people who knew they had made a bad decision, which was especially disappointing given the education programs in place.

"The reality is they dressed up in that outfit. That is the thing that worries me. You can make as many excuses as you want to make excuses, and as I said I know they're good guys, but the thought process to go in…I think there is no thought process and that is the concern," Roos said.

"The education is 'think about your actions before you actually do them, not after you do them, think about what other people are going to think about what you do'."

Melbourne announced last week it had re-signed Terlich while Georgiou played seven games in his first season on the club's rookie list. 

Roos said the club would determine the punishment, which may relate to education as well as some sort of penalty. 

Roos also said he was meeting with unsigned free agent James Frawley on Wednesday, but he understood the way free agency worked. 

He said he did not think Frawley had yet made a decision and respected the fact the in-demand defender was entitled to make up his mind in the time available to him.  

Players can wait until the free agency period opens on October 3 before making their decision public.