GEELONG star Steve Johnson will miss crucial matches against Fremantle and Hawthorn after failing to overturn a two-match ban at the Tribunal on Tuesday night.

And Fremantle midfielder Ryan Crowley has been fined $1200 after the Tribunal accepted evidence from Brent Harvey that the run-with specialist had pinched him repeatedly during last Sunday's clash at Patersons Stadium.

Johnson was cited by the Match Review Panel for his high bump on Pearce Hanley in Sunday's loss to the Brisbane Lions at the Gabba.

The incident was assessed as negligent conduct, medium impact and high contact, drawing 225 demerit points and a two-game ban.

However, the total was increased to 279.04 when Johnson's carryover points were added, meaning he could not reduce the penalty to one-game with an early guilty plea.

Johnson argued that he intended to tackle Hanley until the final moment, when he realised teammate Joel Corey was already tackling the Lions defender.

He said he then had to brace himself for a collision as following through with the tackle would have risked injury to himself, Corey and Hanley.

"Corey surprised me by making the tackle and I tried to brace myself knowing I was on a collision course with him," Johnson told the Tribunal, insisting he did not intend to bump Hanley.    

The jury of Wayne Henwood, David Pittman and Wayne Schimmelbusch disagreed, however, taking six minutes to find him guilty of rough conduct.

As he left the Tribunal, Johnson said he was disappointed and he thought he had a good case.

I understand the rules but felt the contact was unavoidable once i pressed up 2 tackle..I'm very disappointed but not surprised with result!

— steve johnson (@Steviejohnson20) June 25, 2013