WEST Coast coach John Worsfold was frustrated at his side's failure to take its opportunities in its 24-point loss to Carlton at Patersons Stadium on Saturday night.

The Eagles had more scores than Carlton and more inside 50s but came up short where it mattered most.

"We just made too many errors tonight. Our ball use and capitalising on the opportunities we created just wasn't good enough," Worsfold said.

"There was a period there for about ten minutes I was just shaking my head. I think it was both ways - Carlton would mess something up and we'd mess something up.

West Coast kicked 7.23 from 51 entries into their forward 50.

"We had 30 scoring shots. Thirty times the ball got close enough to our goal out of 50 times in, so that’s right on the money that you want. Kick 20 goals 10 and you're a sharp team but we weren't good enough to create that return.

"Tonight was one of those games where everything was pretty even, we won a lot of the areas we asked the players to work on so I’m certainly not questioning our endeavour. We just weren’t good enough to capitalise on our opportunities."

Worsfold felt the performances of Chris Yarran and Jeff Garlett were more to do with his side's skill errors than any perceived lack of pace.

"They got us off a few poor turnovers when we had control of the footy, so our boys were setting up to attack and we messed it up. A couple of silly errors that cost our teammates," Worsfold said. 

“Yarran was very good with his run and grabbed his opportunities."

Worsfold was unperturbed about West Coast losing its first three games in Perth and losing three of its first four.

"It's not really a concern. We've only won one game, so discount where they are (played)," he said. 

“If you want to play in good finals and be a top team you've got to win everywhere, you can't just rely on winning at home. That's not an issue at all."

When asked about his side turning its season around, beginning with a trip to AAMI Stadium next week to tackle an unbeaten Port Adelaide outfit, Worsfold was blunt.

"I can't turn 1-3 around. I can't improve 1-3. Those games are gone," he said.

"Eighteen games to go - that's what the game's about.

“It's a season, we're four games in and we're looking forward to the challenges ahead. Port are a great challenge for us."

He was also asked about West Coast's top four aspirations and whether or not people were judging the Eagles too soon.

"Maybe ask me about round 15 or 16, and I'll give you a better answer," Worsfold said. 

"Are people judging us too early? No, that's their job.

"They're judging us on four rounds. It's fair."