IT WAS a "fitting farewell" for Hawthorn captain Ben Stratton and premiership forward Paul Puopolo as both hit the scoreboard in a huge win over Gold Coast.

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Puopolo kicked two of his three goals in the first quarter, while Stratton headed forward late in the last term and kicked his first goal since his 17th game, back in round 19, 2010.  

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Oh Poppy, we'll miss these ones

Paul Puopolo conjures a stunning early dribbler in his farewell game

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"Stratts' first and second goals were 11 (sic) years apart so that was pretty special for his teammates, special for him, special for his partner Laura who was watching in the stands today," Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson said.

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Clarko: 'A fitting farewell for Poppy and Stratts'

Alastair Clarksons says it was 'a special moment' having retiring club champion Ben Stratton earn a rare farewell goal, along with Paul Puopolo who starred with three of his own

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Clarkson was seen on the sidelines trying to get Stratton back to defence after his goal but was overruled.

"I yelled out straight after 'Stratts' kicked that goal that we should swap him back because I don't think he was going to get another one, but it was a bit of fun," Clarkson said.

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Amazing scenes after Stratton's fairytale achieved

Departing Hawthorn captain Ben Stratton gets swarmed by teammates after earning a much-anticipated goal to complete an emotional ending

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With Hawthorn's list set to split up all over Australia across the next few days, Clarkson says his side has already started conducting exit interviews but it was difficult to determine what would happen without clarity on what list sizes for 2021.

"We'll have players and staff leaving in the next two to three days," Clarkson said.

"Those ones that were going early, we've already done our exit stuff with some of those guys."

Gold Coast will also begin making some list changes as its season also draws to a close.

"If we know what a player's future looks like regardless of list sizes we'll make sure that we tell them and give them that courtesy so they can move on to the next stage," Suns coach Stuart Dew said.

"There might be some that we won't be able to give clarity."

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Dew: 'We let them run rings around us'

Stuart Dew says he was 'extremely disappointed' to finish the season on a sour note after an 'unacceptable first-quarter', but is optimistic his young squad will improve again next year

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As to the extent of changes, Dew couldn't pinpoint how many decisions would need to be made.

"It's not going to be a massive outtake, it's going to be a fair few."