GOLD Coast has apologised after two-year old video footage re-emerged of coach Stuart Dew urinating in public.

It was reported that the club's football manager Jon Haines filmed Dew on his phone outside the Miami Tavern Shark Bar.

The video was shared in a private WhatsApp group that consisted of a small number of Gold Coast staff and everyone involved was "embarrassed and regrets what happened", the Suns told News Corp.

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"We apologise for our actions for which there is no excuse and we take full responsibility for our behaviour," Dew said in a statement. 

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The video was resurfaced by "disgruntled sources" close to Gold Coast staff who were recently made redundant, according to reports.

The Suns said on Monday they were made aware of the video and have cautioned the employees about their actions.

"The behaviour that took place and the filming and distribution of the footage was not appropriate and we have taken responsibility for what has happened," Haines said. 

Both Dew (who signed a two-year contract extension in July) and Haines will donate $5000 each to the programs that AFL Cape York House supports (these include employment and training opportunities for young Indigenous men from some of Far North Queensland's most remote communities).

Gold Coast said it fully understood the position it had within the Queensland community.

Urinating in a public place is a criminal offence and can result in a conviction and $533.80 fine in Queensland.