THE RUNNING power of Richmond's defenders and Geelong's high forwards shapes as an intriguing battle within Saturday night's Grand Final. 

The Telstra Tracker reveals the leading runners in both teams, breaking down average distance run, sprints, high-speed distance and maximum speed. 


The numbers are dominated by Richmond defenders and Geelong forwards, with a battle of high-speed running also set to take place on a Gabba wing. 

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Defenders Nathan Broad and Noah Balta rank in the top five for average distance run at Richmond, where Damien Hardwick's team sets up its attack with intercepts before launching its chaotic surge game. 

Matching up on the Tigers defenders will be high forwards Gryan Miers, who ranks No.1 at the Cats for average distance run, and Gary Rohan, who ranks top five for both average sprints (16.4) and maximum speed (35.2 km/h). 

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Indeed, Rohan will be the quickest player in the game, shading second-year Tiger Marlion Pickett by 0.1 km/h. 

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The running battle on the wing will be fought by the game's two leading players for average high-speed distance: Sam Menegola (2.4km) and Kamdyn McIntosh (2.3km).  

Regarded as the more attacking wingman of the pair, Menegola has the edge in scores, kicking 14.5 this season to McIntosh's 5.4, but they are hard to separate in metres gained and inside 50s. 

In the key positions, Noah Balta is the standout runner in the Grand Final, ranking top five at Richmond for both average distance run (11.3km) and maximum speed (33.9 km/h). 

With those strengths, the Tigers' young gun could be the right match-up for Coleman medallist Tom Hawkins.

Hawkins came of age in the 2011 Grand Final victory against Collingwood. Could Balta do the same on Saturday night?


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Average distance run
1. Nathan Broad 12.1km 
2. Kane Lambert 11.9km 
3. Kamdyn McIntosh 11.9km 
4. Jack Graham 11.4km 
5. Noah Balta 11.3km  

Average sprints
1. Oleg Markov 18.3
2. Marlion Pickett 16.9
3. Daniel Rioli 16.9
4. Jack Higgins 16.4
5. Nathan Broad 15.2

Average high-speed distance
1. Kamdyn McIntosh 2.3km 
2. Kane Lambert 2.2km 
3. Jack Higgins 2.2km
4. Bachar Houli 2.1km 
5. Nathan Broad 2km 

Max speed
1. Marlion Pickett 35.1km/h
2. Jack Graham 34.0km/h
3. Oleg Markov 33.9km/h
4. Noah Balta 33.9km/h
5. Nathan Broad 33.2km/h


Average distance run
1. Gryan Miers 12.6km 
2. Mark Blicavs 12.1km 
3. Sam Menegola 11.8km 
4. Lachie Henderson 11.7km 
5. Mark O'Connor 11.6km 

Average sprints
1. Brad Close 19.6
2. Zach Tuohy 19.6
3. Gary Rohan 16.4
4. Luke Dahlhaus 16.1
5. Mark O'Connor 14.1

Average high-speed distance
1. Sam Menegola 2.4km 
2. Zach Tuohy 2km 
3. Luke Dahlhaus 2km 
4. Brad Close 2km 
5. Zach Guthrie 1.8km 

Max speed
1. Gary Rohan 35.2km/h
2. Zach Tuohy 34.5km/h
3. Luke Dahlhaus 33.8km/h
4. Tom Stewart 33.5km/h
5. Patrick Dangerfield 33.5 km/h