The AFL wishes to advise the process for playing of additional time if scores are even following the 2020 Toyota AFL Grand Final. 

The following procedure shall apply in the event of a draw at the end of ordinary time:

Six-minute break.

Additional Time period of two three-minute halves (plus time on) will be played as required, until a result is determined.

  1. Goal umpires confirm scores are identical;
  2. There is a six minute break;
  3. Teams change ends;
  4. Three minutes of Additional Time shall be played, plus time-on;
  5. At the end of the first Additional Time period, the siren will sound and teams will immediately change ends without a break;
  6. The ball will be bounced (or thrown up) in the centre and a further three minutes of play (plus time-on) will commence;
  7. At the conclusion of this period, the siren will sound and the team with the highest score is declared the winner;
  8. If scores are still tied, steps three - eight are repeated until a result is determined.

The following shall also apply for Additional Time periods: 

Interchange cap

Clubs shall receive 10 interchanges for each two three-minute periods. Any leftover interchanges from each period of Additional Time would not carry over into a subsequent period.


Runners may access the playing arena after a goal or a significant stoppage in play (eg. a stretcher is called). Runners are also permitted to access the playing arena at the conclusion of each three minute (plus time-on) period of Additional Time as players are changing ends.


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