IT IS that time of the year… downgrade season where some of our cash cows have fattened and it’s time to trade them as part of an upgrade to a premium.

Some of the youngsters who have done their job, but it may be time to part ways are Swan duo Errol Gulden (FWD/MID, $495,000) who has increased $287,000 and Braeden Campbell (FWD/MID, $397,000) whose price has risen a serviceable $117,000.

Some prime downgrade targets include:
Jy Farrar (FWD, $304,000)
Devon Robertson (MID/FWD, $313,000)
Atu Bosenavulagi (FWD, $266,000)
Martin Frederick (DEF, $198,000)
Riley Collier Dawkins (MID, $170,000)

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The Traders' Fantasy preview: round seven

Why Jack Ziebell is the answer to your Josh Dunkley and Lachie Neale trades

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Of course, the luxury of upgrading rookies relies heavily on the availability of the big guns, so it will be another week of patch jobs for owners of Josh Dunkley (MID/FWD, $823,000), Lachie Neale (MID, $746,000) and Dustin Martin (MID/FWD, $637,000).

As far as upgrades and replacements go, Steele Sidebottom (MID/FWD, $726,000) enjoyed a significant role change which saw him lead the Pies in the centre bounce attendance statistic which was reflected by a season high score and Adam Treloar (MID, $748,000) has hit his straps the last three weeks with an average of 115, along with the potential boost of CBA with Dunkley out. A unique option is Dusty’s teammate Shai Bolton (MID/FWD, $598,000) who offers huge value as the best player in the competition under $600K with scores of 90, 107 and 122 in his last three.

The biggest question still remains… can this Jack Ziebell (DEF/FWD, $799,000) role remain? Roy, Calvin and Warnie chat through the biggest issues to help you get set on the latest episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast.

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In this episode …

1:20 - Friday teams are in and Riley Collier-Dawkins will make his debut in round seven.

4:00 - Collingwood has announced that first-gamer Caleb Poulter will play on the wing.

6:30 - Jordan De Goey and Jordan Ridley return from concussion while Lachie Whitfield will play his first game of the year.

8:00 - Will we see Shane Mumford back in the Giants' team soon?

11:00 - The player of the week, Jack Ziebell, gets more airtime.

15:00 - Options to think about in Draft for long-term injuries.

18:00 - Martin Frederick looks to be the best sub-$200k option this week.

22:30 - Things to think about with rookie trading, including the rookies who have high breakevens.

25:30 - Calvin has Brodie Grundy as the No. 1 captain option this week but suggests Jack Macrae should be the VC.

28:00 - Collingwood give up bulk points to midfielders and Touk Miller will have a field day.

31:15 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

34:00 - Who to get: Max Gawn, Steele Sidebottom or a midfielder?

37:00 - Can you go light in the forward-line?

40:45 - Jy Farrar vs Deven Robertson vs Atu Bosenavulagi vs Riley Collier-Dawkins vs Martin Frederick.

47:00 - Which premium Demon: Christian Petracca or Clayton Oliver?

50:30 - More Jack Ziebell talk...

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