IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Mitch Cleary look at all the big news after a controversial weekend.

In this episode ...

- David Mackay's bump on Hunter Clark is in the spotlight. Has footy 'lost' its way here?
- Protecting the head at training an issue after Hawthorn's boxing incident: No headgear was 'staggering'
- Mitch and Damo unpack last night's massive game: West Coast is the real deal
- Farewell Bucks: We look ahead to today's Queen's Birthday clash


In this episode ... 

0:31 – The game is 'lost' following David McKay/Hunter Clark collision

1:12 – The inconsistency with the McKay incident compared to Jaeger O'Meara on Friday

2:24 – The MRO needed to make a call

3:56 – Mitch Lewis' boxing concussion in the spotlight

4:59 – The times have changed when it comes to head injuries

7:37 – Media need to report differently on concussion

9:16 – Where does last night's epic match leave the Tigers?

11:19 – The returning star who helps West Coast stand up in 'crunch moments'

13:55 – Can Collingwood raise the bar in Nathan Buckley's last game?

14:53 – Collingwood board's attempts to 'appease the masses'

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