THE AFL has denied it took too long to ask police to investigate allegations that Richmond midfielder Dustin Martin threatened a woman with chopsticks.

The alleged incident occurred last Saturday at a restaurant on Chapel Street, Windsor.  

The League's integrity unit was made aware of the allegation last weekend and launched its own probe into the incident, before referring it to police five days later

AFL general manager of clubs and operations, Travis Auld, defended the League's decision not to involve the authorities immediately.

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"We acted on it as soon as we were made aware of it," Auld said on Sunday.

"These things do take some time. It's really important that we have a due process in place and that each of the parties get an opportunity to be heard.

"That can take a number of days. In this case, three to four days isn't a significant time for an issue like this, and now it's in the right hands."

The woman has alleged Martin threatened to stab her in the face with chopsticks before slamming his hand against a wall behind her head.

Martin has telephoned the victim to apologise, admitting he was drunk at the time of the incident. 

The AFL will wait for the police investigation to be completed before issuing any sanctions of its own against Martin.

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"We won't prejudge where this will end up," Auld said.

"But what I will say if there has been violence against a female or threats made against a female, the AFL will act really strongly against that."

The League is unclear on when Victoria Police will complete their investigation.