IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Cal Twomey talk about all things draft and join all the dots on football's big issues.


- Why we're taking Daicos over Horne-Francis
- 'Everyone loves a pick swap, that's my new catchphrase'
- Recruiting departments 'stretched thin' because of COVID hits on footy departments
- This year clubs will draft players who they actually haven't seen live
- 'If you do two drafts really well, the complexion of a footy club can change so dramatically' 
- One of the best draft picks of the century

In this episode ...

0:35 – Why Nick Daicos is the best player in the draft

3:40 – Bidding on the top prospects

5:51 – Some of the other top-10 prospects 

7:07 – The pick swap game

8:34 – Is club 'group think' too conservative?

10:15 – The impact of COVID on recruiting

11:23 – How much involvement does a coach have within a recruitment team?

13:32 – The importance of nailing a suite of draft selections

16:07 – The best draft bolter in history

17:36 – The expected number of total draft picks this year