JUST weeks after announcing his retirement (for the second time), Greater Western Sydney ruckman Shane Mumford has nominated for next week's NAB AFL Draft.

So is another comeback looming? 

Well, not in the short-term but the Giants are covering all bases by having Mumford nominate for the draft so that if they have any injuries to their ruck stocks next year the former Cat and Swan would be eligible to join them at the mid-season rookie draft.

Under AFL rules if a player has not nominated for the previous year's draft, they cannot then be selected by their original club again at the following mid-season intake. 


Mumford has moved into an off-field role at the Giants for at least the next two years that will see him work across a number of departments, including mentoring the club's promising ruck division.

Shane Mumford competes in the ruck with Rhys Stanley in a final between GWS and Geelong on September 3, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

And the Giants are taking insurance by having the 35-year-old, 216-gamer nominate for the draft in case any of their rucks go down with injury in the first half of the season. It is not a guarantee that if injuries occurred the Giants would select Mumford anyway, but the nomination does guarantee he would be eligible. 

The Giants have three ruckmen on their list for 2022 – Braydon Preuss, Matthew Flynn and Kieren Briggs. 

The nomination process differs for Mumford, who is currently overseas, if he was to rejoin the Giants against the case of Paddy McCartin, who doesn't need to nominate for the NAB AFL Draft to be eligible to join Sydney via the pre-season supplemental selection period. 

INDICATIVE DRAFT ORDER Your club's picks as they stand

Draft nominations closed on Wednesday, with more than 800 hopefuls registering their interest in being selected. Patrick Naish (Richmond), Trent Dumont (North Melbourne), Martin Gleeson (Essendon) and Jay Rantall (Collingwood) were among the recently delisted AFL players to put their names forward by nominating. 


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Tahj Abberley, Brisbane Lions

Ethan Acevski, Western Jets

Oscar Adams, Glenelg Football Club

Vincent Adduci, Box Hill Hawks

Tony Aganas, Launceston Football Club

Brayden Ainsworth, Perth

Emmanuel Ajang, Werribee Football Club

Domanic Akuei, Northern Knights

Leek Aleer, Central District

Emiliano Aleixo, Eastern Ranges

Cooper Alger, Gippsland Power

Sahaf Ali, Eastern Ranges

Toby Alker, UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs

Hamish Allan, Sturt

Jye Amiss, East Perth

Angus Anderson, Sawtell/Toormina

Cooper Anderson, Labrador AFC

Mac Andrew, Dandenong Stingrays

Benedict Andrews, Sandringham Dragons

Braden Andrews, Oakleigh Chargers

Harrison Andronaco, Calder Cannons

Max Annandale, Geelong Falcons

Jackson Archer, Northern Knights

Oscar Armstrong, East Perth

Harrison Arnold, Broadbeach AFC

William Arthurson, Frankston

Jake Arundell, Eastern Ranges

Joseph Atley, Essendon

Jack Avery, Perth

Frane Babic, West Adelaide

Angus Bade, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Jason Baird, Wanderers

Matthew Baker, Lalor

Mark Baker, North Melbourne

Thomas Baldwin, Claremont

Austin Ball, Sydney Swans

Jamieson Ballantyne, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Jacob Ballard, Coburg Lions

Connor Ballenden, Brisbane Lions

Jack Bambury, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Harrison Banfield, Vermont

Samuel Banks, Tasmania Devils

Jackson Barling, Northern Bullants

Billy Barnes, Echuca Football Club

Wilson Barry, Brisbane Lions

Jake Bartholomaeus, Sydney Swans


Benjamin Bath, Murray Bushrangers

Jacob Bauer, Sydney Swans

Joel Baverstock, East Fremantle

Rhett Bazzo, WAFL Colts-SDFC

Zac Becker, Sturt

Cooper Beecken, Glenelg

Luke Beecken, Eagles

Joshua Begley, Frankston

Scott Beilby, Oakleigh Chargers

Jack Bell, Casey Demons

William Bella, Gold Coast Suns

Eric Benning, WAFL Colts-CFC

Lachlan Benton, Sandringham Dragons

Henry Berenger, Dandenong Stingrays

Miller Bergman, Dandenong Stingrays

Jordan Berry, West Perth

Aidan Biddle, Northern Knights

Benjamin Bilston-Mcgillen, Kew FC

Tristan Binder, Norwood

Isaac Birt, South Australia Under 18's

Connor Blakely, Fremantle

Thomas Blamires, Sandringham Dragons

Tom Blechynden, South Fremantle

Jacob Blight, Claremont

Kwabena Boakye, Southport Sharks

Ezekiel Bolton, Subiaco

Jacob Booth, Collingwood

Matthew Borg, North Adelaide

Nathan Boucher, Coburg Lions

Ryley Bouker, Myrtleford Football Club

Gennaro Bove, Geelong Falcons

Charlie Bowes, Wilston Grange AFC

Jackson Bowne, Northern Knights

Luke Box, Heathmont

Jack Boyd, Northern Bullants

Tom Bracher, Murray Bushrangers

Angus Bradley, South Adelaide Football Club

Austin Bradtke, Not Applicable

Charlie Brauer, Geelong Falcons

William Bravo, Dandenong Stingrays

Declan Bren, Murray Bushrangers

Jed Brereton, Bendigo Pioneers

Sam Breuer, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Nicholas Brewer, Sydney Swans

Jack Briskey, Western Magpies AFC

Sandy Brock, Peel Thunder

Anthony Brolic, Frankston

Lachlan Brooks, Sandringham Dragons

Tom Brown, Murray Bushrangers

Finn Brown, Broadbeach

Kobe Brown, Essendon

Henry Brown, Oakleigh Chargers

Joshua Browne, East Fremantle

Oscar Brownless, Geelong Cats

Tristan Bryce, Rockingham

Matthew Buntine, GWS Giants

Jase Burgoyne, Eagles

Jason Burke, LEETON-WHIT.(Riverina Football League)

Nicholas Burke, Geelong Cats

Sam Butler, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Wylie Buzza, Werribee Football Club

Charlie Byrne, Murray Bushrangers

James Cahill, Dandenong Stingrays

Ned Cahill, Essendon

Finn Callaghan, Sandringham Dragons

Bowen Calogero, Shepparton United Football Club

Brayden Calvett, Eagles

Clay Cameron, Eagles

Anthony Caminiti, Northern Knights

Rhys Cannizzaro, Central District

Jayden Cappeau, East Perth

Ned Carey, Norwood

Lachlan Carrigan, Hampton Rovers AFC

Jordan Carroll, Collegians

Malachy Carruthers, Sturt

Levi Casboult, Carlton

Shatna Cashen-Harris, Brisbane Lions

Jesse Castan, Sandringham Dragons

Lewis Castle, Parkdale Vultures

Ben Cavarra, Western Bulldogs

Jye Chalcraft, Geelong Cats

Kade Chalcraft, Murray Bushrangers

Bailey Chamberlain, West Adelaide

Will chandler, Glenelg

Tyler Charlton, Eastern Ranges

Joshua Chatfield, North Ballarat City Football Club

Campbell Chesser, Sandringham Dragons

Max Chipper, WAFL Colts-SDFC

Darcy Chirgwin, Werribee Football Club

Will Christie, Geelong Cats

Isaac Chugg, Collingwood

Oliver Churchill, Palm Beach Currumbin AFC

Zachary Cileceken, Eastern Ranges

Salvatore Cilmi, Point Cook

Alexander Cincotta, Carlton

William Clark, GWS Giants

Greg Clark, Subiaco

Jesse Clark, Werribee Football Club

Judson Clarke, Dandenong Stingrays

Dylan Clarke, Essendon

Aaron Clarke, Coburg Lions

Joshua Clarke, Eastern Ranges

Josh Clayton, North Melbourne

Luke Cleary, Sandringham Dragons

Samuel Clifford, Western Jets

Samuel Clohesy, St Joseph's

Riley Colborne, WAFL Colts-SFFC

Declan Cole, Mt Eliza Football Netball Club

Nathan Colenso, Morningside AFC

William Collins, West Coast Eagles

Sam Collins, Oakleigh Chargers

Bede Collis, St Mary's Senior Football Club

Dante Colosimo, Fitzroy JFC

Samuel Conforti, Bendigo Pioneers

Jasper Conquest, Sandringham Dragons

Charlie Constable, Geelong Cats

Toby Conway, Geelong Falcons

Liam Conway, Western Jets

Sam Conway, St Mary's

Lukas Cooke, Eagles

Luke Coombes, Labrador AFC

William Coomblas, Sturt

Nathan Cooper, Werribee Football Club

Billy Cootee, Western Jets

Jesse Corigliano, Coburg Lions

Matthew Cottrell, Carlton

Andrew Courtney, Casey Demons

James Cousins, Hawthorn

Mitchell Cox, Frankston

Cooper Craig-Peters, Footscray Bulldogs

Josh Cripps, East Fremantle

Ben Crocker, Carlton

Jared Crosbie, North Heidelberg

Brayden Crossley, Southport Sharks

Jasper Crouch, Manly Warringah Wolves

Mitchell Crowden, Fremantle

Lachlan Cullen, Peel Thunder

Jai Culley, Dandenong Stingrays

Paul Curtis, Western Jets

Nicholas Cushing, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Massimo D'Ambrosio, Western Jets

Nicholas Daicos, Oakleigh Chargers

Ingo Dammersmith, Oakleigh Chargers

Sam Darcy, Oakleigh Chargers

Justin Davies, Dandenong Stingrays

Oliver Davis, Adelaide Football Club

Jayden Davis, Glenelg

Riley Davis, Glenelg

Jacob Dawson, Southport Sharks

Joel Day, Bonbeach Football Club

Benjamin De Bolfo, Northern Knights

Matthew De Bruin, Pakenham Football Club

Charlie Dean, Williamstown

Cameron deBruin, Pakenham Football Club

Kye Declase, Melbourne Demons

Talon Delacey, Claremont

Liam Delahunty, West Adelaide

Oliver Dempsey, Old Carey Grammarians

Ethan Di Battista, Western Jets

Youseph Dib, Oakleigh Chargers

Jack Diedrich, Eastern Ranges

Joey Dimasi, Calder Cannons

Kade Dittmar, East Perth

Darcy Dixon, West Perth

Matthew Dnistriansky, Norwood

Ethan Donaghy, WAFL Colts-Peel

Jarod Donovan, Heywood Football Club

Chance Doultree, Gippsland Power

Lewis Downie, Eastern Ranges

Tom Downie, Williamstown

Oscar Doyle, Mt Gravatt AFC

Patrick Dozzi, Northern Knights

Aaron Drage, South Fremantle

Arlo Draper, South Adelaide

Dominic Dravitzki, Peel Thunder

Jack Driscoll, GWS Giants

Isaiah Dudley, Central District

Taylin Duman, Fremantle

Zachary Dumesny, South Adelaide

Trent Dumont, North Melbourne

Elliot Dunkin, West Adelaide

Kyle Dunkley, Essendon

Bailey Durant, Glenelg Football Club

Mitch Duval, Eagles

Matt Eagles, Aspley

Jordan Eales, Vermont

Nicholas Ebinger, Williamstown

Joshua Edwards, Peel Thunder

William Edwards, North Shore Bombers

Ben Edwards, Claremont

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith, Richmond

Luke Ellings, Gisborne Football Netball Club Inc

Fraser Elliot, Oakleigh Chargers

Tayleb Elliott, Officer Senior Football Club

Cameron Ellis-Yolmen, Brisbane Lions

Corey Ellison, Casey Demons

Mutaz Elnour, Northern Bullants

Logan Elphinstone, Tasmania Devils

Jordan Endemann, UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs

Luke English, East Fremantle

Neil Erasmus, Subiaco

Caleb Ernst, Bendigo Pioneers

Jack Evans, Bendigo Pioneers

Saxon Evans, Central District

Billy Evers, Labrador AFC

Ryan Eyers, Murray Bushrangers

Joshua Fahey, Queanbeyan Tigers - Senior

Daniel Fahey-Sparks, Sturt

Kane Fallows, East Fremantle

Jordan Faraone, Subiaco

Richard Farmer, Subiaco

Oskar Faulkhead, Bendigo Pioneers

Braydon Fawcett, WAFL Colts-SDFC

Jacob Feist, East Fremantle

Ronald Fejo Junior, West Adelaide

Morgan Ferres, Sturt

Liam Fiore, Geelong Cats

Sam Fisher, Swan Districts

Liam Fitt, South Adelaide

Joel Fitzgerald, Northern Knights

Zachary Fleiner, West Perth

Felix Flockart, Sandringham Dragons

Ciaran Flynn, Northern Districts Tigers AFC

Jed Foggo, Palm Beach Currumbin AFC

Samuel Foley, Launceston Football Club

Zac Foot, Casey Demons

Lawsen Ford, Thuringowa Bulldogs AFC

Sam Fowler, Collingwood

Nathan Freeman, Frankston

Thomas Freeman, Casey Demons

Samuel Frost, GWS Giants

Aiden Fyfe, Gold Coast Suns

Samuel Gaden, South Adelaide

Noah Gadsby, Geelong Falcons

Harvey Gallagher, Bendigo Pioneers

Darcy Gardner, Clarence Football Club

Jarrod Garlett, West Coast Eagles

Joel Garner, Port Adelaide

Hudson Garoni, Werribee Football Club

Ryan Garthwaite, Richmond

Lachlan Gawel, Carlton

Clayton Gay, Dandenong Stingrays

Jess Gedi, Heidelberg

Samuel Gelavis, Peel Thunder

Flynn Gentile, Airport West

Roy George, Peel Thunder

Kobi George, Dandenong Stingrays

Patrick Gerdan, Dandenong Stingrays

Luke Giacometti, North Shore Bombers

Joshua Gibcus, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Jarrod Gilbee, Footscray Bulldogs

Cody Gilchrist, Central District

Hayden Gill, West Preston Lakeside Football Club

Bailey Gillow, Launceston Football Club

Ryan Gilmore, Southport Sharks

Hamish Gilmore, GWS Giants

Stefan Giro, Fremantle

Billy Glanvill, Turvey Park FNC (Senior)

Jesse Glass-Mccasker, Footscray Bulldogs

Martin Gleeson, Essendon

Josh Goater, Calder Cannons

Lachlan Godden, Oakleigh Chargers

Luke Goetz, Bell Park

Matthew Gook, Calder Cannons

Joshua Gore, West Adelaide

Finn Gorringe, East Fremantle

Hunter Gottschling, Murray Bushrangers

Kieran Gowdie, Claremont

Ethan Grace, East Coast Eagles

Tom Graham, East Perth

Tom Graham, Central District

Angus Grant, Sandringham Dragons

Samuel Grant, Northern Knights

Harry Grant, Central District

Damon Greaves, East Perth

Joshua Green, Tuggeranong Hawks

Fergus Greene, Box Hill Hawks

Max Gregory, Dandenong Stingrays

George Grey, Casey Demons

Noah Gribble, Geelong Falcons

Jackson Griffiths, Mt Gravatt AFC

Bailey Griffiths, South Adelaide

Harrison Grintell, Narrandera

Deklyn Grocott, Perth

Lachlan Grubb, Central District

Zac Guadagnin, West Perth

Daniel Guccione, Coburg Lions

Joseph Guiney, Echuca Football Club

Nick Guiney, Oakleigh Chargers

Matthew Gundry, Northern Bullants

Aaron Gundry, Carlton

Harrison Gunther, Glenorchy District Football Club

Paul Haasbroek, Eastern Ranges

Keanu Haddow, East Fremantle

Max Hall, Eastern Ranges

Mitchell Hallinan, Bendigo Pioneers

Charlie Ham, North Melbourne

Jackson Hamann, Surfers Paradise AFC

Matthew Hamblin, GANMAIN GGM (Riverina Football League)

Cooper Hamilton, Bendigo Pioneers

Hugh Hamilton, Bendigo Pioneers

Matthew Hammelmann, Aspley

Oliver Hanrahan, Hawthorn

Matt Hanson, Werribee Football Club

Kaden Harbour, East Perth

Declan Hardisty, Claremont

Matthew Harms, Sandringham Dragons

Austin Harris, Broadbeach AFC

Chad Harris, Subiaco

Cody Harrison, Mt Gravatt AFC

Harvey Harrison, North Adelaide

Fletcher Hart, Murray Bushrangers

Hamish Hartlett, West Adelaide

Michael Hartley, Hawthorn

Mitchell Harvey, Dandenong Stingrays

Mason Hawkins, Gippsland Power

Angus Hay, South Barwon

Jaxon Hayden, WAFL Colts-CFC

Lachlan Hayes, South Adelaide

Jack Hayes, Eagles

Liam Hayes, Sandringham Dragons

Adam Heath, North Adelaide

Ryan Hebron, Sydney Swans

Darby Henderson, Williamstown

Bailey Henderson, Richmond

Marcus Herbert, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Jacob Heron, Southport Sharks

Benjamin Hewett, Swan Districts

Jack Hickman, Bendigo Pioneers

Liam Hickmott, Subiaco

Dyson Hilder, North Adelaide

Darby Hipwell, Sandringham Dragons

Benjamin Hobbs, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Lachlan Hodder, Mount Eliza Football Club

Jake Hodgkin, Murray Bushrangers

Nicholas Hodgson, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Hugo Hoeck, South Adelaide

Thomas Hofert, Labrador AFC

Lachlan Hoile, Eagles

Euriah Hollard, Geelong Falcons

Noah Holmes, Clarence Football Club

Marty Hore, Melbourne Demons

Jason Horne-Francis, South Adelaide

Cooper Horsnell, Glenelg

Zdenek Hostalek, Tooleybuc Manangatang Football Club

Joshua Hotchkin, Port Melbourne

Brady Hough, Peel Thunder

Timm House, Gnowangerup Football Club

Nathan Howard, Coburg Lions

Blake Howes, Sandringham Dragons

Mitchell Howson, Aspley Hornets AFC

Adam Hull, Broadbeach AFC

Jordan Humphreys, Nullawil Football Club

Paul Hunter, St Kilda

Jonte Hunter-Price, Eagles

Thomas Hutchesson, GWS Giants

Mark Hutchings, West Perth

Rory Illman, Sturt

Jake Ireland, North Ringwood

Hugh Jackson, North Adelaide

Alexander Jacobs, Brisbane Lions

Brock Jacobsen, Western Jets

Tristan Jacques, East Fremantle

Antonio James, West Adelaide

Jamieson Jarvis, Calder Cannons

Benjamin Jarvis, Norwood

Andre Jaycock, Maribyrnong Park

Bailey Jenkin, WAFL Colts-SDFC

Lochlan Jenkins, Oakleigh Chargers

Benjamin Jepson, Coburg Lions

Aidan Johnson, Werribee Football Club

Ben Johnson, West Coast Eagles

Kellen Johnson, West Perth

Matthew Johnson, Subiaco

Lachlan Johnson, Essendon

Mitchell Johnson, Southport Sharks

Jack Johnston, Gold Coast Suns

Riley Jones, South Adelaide

Jamie Jones, Nightcliff

Arthur Jones, Claremont

Jesse Joyce, Southport Sharks

Thomas Joyce, Brisbane Lions

Lamont Kalolo, Sherwood JAFC

Marcus Kane, Port Melbourne

Kenny Karpany, West Adelaide

Kieran Kavanagh, WAFL Colts-CFC

Harrison Keeling, Mooroolbark

Tyler Keitel, West Perth

Fraser Kelly, Tuggeranong Hawks

Hugo Kelly, West Adelaide

Luke Kelvie, Oakleigh Chargers

Cade Kennedy, West Adelaide

Jacob Kennerley, Norwood

Connor Kent, Norwood

William Kilpatrick, Geelong Falcons

Hugo Kittel, Sturt

Mitchell Knevitt, Geelong Falcons

Dirk Koenen, Port Melbourne

Liam Kolar, Northern Knights

Ryan Koo Kwet Kim, Dandenong Stingrays

Flynn Kroeger, Eastern Ranges

Michael Ktona, Calder Cannons

Sebit Kuek, East Perth

Josiah Kyle, Dandenong Stingrays

Bruno Laguda, Essendon

Brodie Lake, Peel Thunder

Flynn Lakey, Calder Cannons

Bailey Lambert, Frankston

Dylan Landt, Glenelg

Mitchell Langan, Geelong Falcons

Doulton Langlands, Perth

Daniel Lanthois, Maroochydore AFC

Spencer Larsen, Mitcham

Hamish Latchford, Adelaide Football Club

Dustin Launer, Eagles

Brandon Leary, North Launceston Football Club Inc

Tyreece Leiu, Eastern Ranges

Jack Leslie, Williamstown

Michael Lewis, Sandringham Dragons

Tom Lewis, Sturt

Caleb Lewis, Sandringham Dragons

Oscar Lewis, Sandringham Zebras

Mani Liddy, Sturt

Jarrod Lienert, Port Adelaide

Matthew Ling, Sydney Swans

Shay Linke, Central District

Max Litster, Eagles

Brinn Little, Palm Beach Currumbin AFC

Jake Littleton, East Perth

Matty Lloyd, West Perth

Flynn Loader, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Jye Lockett, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Jay Lockhart, Melbourne Demons

Nigel Lockyer, North Adelaide

Kai Lohmann, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Ned Long, Northern Knights

Jack Lonie, St Kilda

Alastair Lord, Norwood

Archie Loughnan, Sandringham Dragons

Baynen Lowe, Tasmania Devils

Samuel Lowson, Coburg Lions

Ariek Lual, Werribee Football Club

Jordan Lukac, WWT Eagles

Alexander Lukic, Oakleigh Chargers

Connor Macdonald, Dandenong Stingrays

Luca Macnab, Sandringham Dragons

Ewan Macpherson, Northern Knights

Flynn Maguire, Oakleigh Chargers

Zavier Maher, Carlton

Jack Maibaum, Coburg Lions

Ben Major, Northern Knights

Michael Mallard, West Perth

Bior Malual, Werribee Football Club

Shaun Mannagh, Werribee Football Club

Archi Manton, Werribee Football Club

Saverio Marafioti, West Perth

Patrick Marks, Oakleigh Chargers

Eddie Marning, Sydney Swans

Fraser Marris, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Tim Martin, Ormond AFC

Nicholas Martin, Subiaco

Reed Maskell-Dobbyn, Wilston Grange AFC

Riley Mason, Romsey

Marc Massarotti, Eastern Ranges

Cobi Maxted, Bendigo Pioneers

William Mayhood, Collegians

Austin Maynard, George Town Football Club

Jack Mayo, Subiaco

Tom Mccaffrey, Casey Demons

Robbie McComb, Footscray Bulldogs

Dylan Mccormick, West Adelaide

Garrett Mcdonagh, Richmond

Max McDonald, Maroochydore AFC

Darcy Mcdonald, Central District

Dayne McGary, Glenelg

Tyler McGinniss, North Hobart Football Club

Jess Mcgrath, Gippsland Power

Harry Mcinnes, Glenelg

Charlie Mckay, Sandringham Dragons

Tom McKenzie, Coburg Lions

Matthew Mckenzie, Sydney Swans

Jackson Mclachlan, Geelong Cats

Brodie Mclaughlin, Frankston

Angus Mclennan, Sandringham Dragons

Jez Mclennan, Gold Coast Suns

George Mcleod, Tasmania Devils

Cameron Mcleod, Murray Bushrangers

Hugh Mcleod, North Shore Bombers

Kobe McMillan, East Fremantle

Patrick McNamara, Drysdale

Toby Mcquilkin, South Fremantle

Judd Mcvee, East Fremantle

Lucas Meline, West Adelaide

Bradley Melville, Richmond

Hugh Melville, Sydney Swans

Jack Mentha, Frankston

Jye Menzie, North Hobart Football Club

Samuel Merrick, Beaconsfield Football Club

Jordan Michael, Maroochydore AFC

David Midwinter, West Adelaide

Clayton Brandon Milera, South Augusta

Bryce Milford, Dandenong Stingrays

Nicholas Minchin, Glenelg

Peter Minervini, Norwood

Joshua Misiti, Calder Cannons

Xavier Mitchell, Bendigo Pioneers

Luke Mitton, South Adelaide

Lachlan Modica, Casey Demons

Charlie Molan, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Andy Moniz-Wakefield, Nightcliff

Ricky Monti, Bendigo Pioneers

Nyawi Moore, Bendigo Pioneers

Leo Moore, Old Xaverians

Saul Morelli, Hamley Bridge Football Club

Luke Morfoot, Ainslie Tricolours - Senior

Zach Morris, Launceston Football Club

Brodie Morris, Swan Districts

Harry Morrison, Sydney Swans

Oscar Morrison, Geelong Falcons

Mitchell Moschetti, Gippsland Power

Jesse Motlop, South Fremantle

Tyler Mouritz, West Perth

Jacob Msando, East Perth

Robert Mueller, Sydney Swans

Shane Mumford, GWS Giants

Max Mumme, WAFL Colts-CFC

Connor Munro, Broadbeach AFC

James Munro, Casey Demons

Cooper Murley, Norwood

Hamish Murphy, North Melbourne

Darcy Murr, Frankston YCW Football Club

Toby Murray, Murray Bushrangers

Kobe Mutch, Eagles

Trent Mynott, Frankston

Geordie Nagle, De La Salle OC

Patrick Naish, Richmond

Luke Nankervis, Sandringham Dragons

Kaedyn Napier, Shepparton United Football Club

Joel Nathan, Richmond

Colby Nayna, Dandenong Stingrays

Jai Neal, Noble Park

Henry Nelligan, Norwood

Luke Nelson, Coburg Lions

Max Nelson, Morningside AFC

William Neumann, Eagles

Jack Newitt, Calder Cannons

Cody Ninyette, South Fremantle

Harrison Nolan, Coburg Lions

Tyler Norton, Murray Bushrangers

Joseph Nowell, Sandringham Dragons

Connor Nutting, Southport Sharks

Bigoa Nyuon, Richmond

Lochie O'Brien, Carlton

Beau O'Connell, Wanderers

James O'Connor, Eastern Ranges

Nicholas O'Kearney, Essendon

Ryan O'Keefe, Bendigo Pioneers

Blake O'Leary, Frankston

Blayne O'Loughlin, North Adelaide

Mitchell O'Neill, South Adelaide

Jeremy O'Sullivan, Port Melbourne

Daniel Orgill, Footscray Bulldogs

Jayden Ormerod, East Fremantle

Joel Ottavi, Williamstown

Matao Owen, Claremont

Jacob Owens, Glenelg

Mitchito Owens, Sandringham Dragons

Samuel Paea, Calder Cannons

Thomas Panuccio, Euroa Football Netball Club Inc.

Lachlan Papley, St Bernard's

Will Papley, Gippsland Power

Jarrad Parish, Glenelg

Charlie Parker, Sturt

Jacob Pasli, Kwinana

Jake Patmore, Claremont

Lochlan Paton, West Perth

Jaelen Pavlidis, Werribee Districts

Jayden Peak, East Perth

Noah Pegoraro, West Perth

Jack Peris, Sandringham Dragons

Max Pescud, Gold Coast Suns

Kye Pfrengle, St George Dragons

Orion Phillips, Black Rock Football Club

Stirling Phipps-Parsons, Old Xaverians

Ryan Pickering, Broadbeach AFC

Bailey Pilmore, South Adelaide

Broden Plowright, Huntly Football Club

Liam Podhajski, Northern Bullants

Mitchell Podhajski, Coburg Lions

Jared Polec, North Melbourne

Luke Polson, Peel Thunder

Darcy Porter, Glenelg

Corey Preston, Eastern Ranges

Zakery Pretty, Port Melbourne

Charlie Pridham, West Adelaide

Zachary Pritchard, Western Jets

Kai Pudney, Eagles

Liam Puncher, North Shore Bombers

Zeb Quick, Dandenong Stingrays

Sebastian Quirk, Belconnen Magpies - Senior

Cody Raak, Western Jets

Joshua Rachele, Murray Bushrangers

Castan Racunica, Old Haileyburians

Stefan Radovanovic, Carlton

Sam Ramsay, Carlton

Max Ramsden, Melbourne Grammar

Heath Ramshaw, Northern Knights

Michael Randall, Peel Thunder

Lachlan Rankin, Oakleigh Chargers

Jay Rantall, Collingwood

Brad Rauter, GWS Giants

Lewis Rayson, Glenelg

Ethan Redcliffe, Wodonga Football and Sports Club Ltd.

Bailey Reeves, Gold Coast Suns

Ethan Regan, East Perth

Thomas Regan, South Fremantle

Blake Reid, Geelong Falcons

Luke Reilly, West Perth

James Rendell, Frankston

Josh Rentsch, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Bruce Reville, Brisbane Lions

Cameron Riley, Campbelltown Blues

Lachlan Riley, Sandringham Dragons

Kye Roberts, West Adelaide

Matthew Roberts, South Adelaide

Lenny Robin, UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs

Sam Robinson, Tuggeranong Valley Australian Football Club - Senior

Lachlan Robinson, Dandenong Stingrays

Jayden Rodwell, Beaumaris FC

Felix Rogers, North Shore Bombers

Cooper Rogers, South Adelaide

Bailey Rogers, Claremont

Campbell Rogers, WAFL Colts-CFC

Pierce Roseby, North Shore Bombers

Jack Rossimel, Eastern Ranges

Marco Rossmann, Sydney Swans

Jed Rule, Oakleigh Chargers

Keegan Ryan, Tasmania Devils

Hayden Sampson, South Adelaide

Oliver Sanders, Tasmania Devils

Zyton Santillo, North Adelaide

Blake Schlensog, South Fremantle

Mitchell Schofield, East Perth

Kaden Schreiber, Collingwood

Blake Scott, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Sam Seach, Oakleigh Chargers

Jack Sears, Peel Thunder

Ty Sears, Swan Districts

Anthony Seaton, Sandringham Zebras

Michael Sellwood, Peel Thunder

Jonah Semmler, Broadbeach AFC

Jai Serong, Gippsland Power

Matthew Shannon, Carlton

Oliver Shaw, Central District

Angus Sheldrick, Claremont

Miles Shepherd, Casey Demons

Benjamin Sherman, St Kilda City JFC Inc.

Nicholas Shipley, Not Applicable

Joshua Shute, Sturt

Matthew Signorello, Port Melbourne

Max Simpson, Essendon

Padraic Simpson, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Jye Sinderberry, West Adelaide

Joshua Sinn, Sandringham Dragons

Hamish Sinnott, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Samuel Skinner, South Adelaide

Adam Slattery, South Broken Hill Football Club

Joshua Smart, Mt Gravatt AFC

Willem Smit, Manly Warringah Wolves

Baker Smith, Tasmania Devils

Cooper Smith, Bendigo Pioneers

Linus Smith, Flemington Juniors

Jett Smith, Murray Bushrangers

Brock Smith, Not Applicable

Sokaa Soka, East Perth

Jake Soligo, Eastern Ranges

Nathan Soligo, Dromana Football and Netball Club

Tyler Sonsie, Eastern Ranges

Joshua Sorgiovanni, Geelong Falcons

Jake South, Subiaco

Eren Soylemez, Sandringham Dragons

Will Spain, Sturt

Max Spencer, Werribee Football Club

Will Splann, Tasmania Devils

Riley Sprigg, West Perth

Max Spyvee, Claremont

Lachlan Squire, West Adelaide

Mitchell Sruk, Eastern Ranges

Cody Stackelberg, Collingwood

Hugh Stagg, Glenelg

Lachlan Stapleton, Williamstown

Thomas Stapleton, Queanbeyan Tigers - Senior

Oscar Steene, West Adelaide

Sam Stening, GWS Giants

Cooper Stephens, Carlton

Caleb Stephens, South Fremantle

Archie Stevens, Greater Western Victoria Rebels

Bode Stevens, Bendigo Pioneers

Ned Stevens, Gold Coast Suns

Joel Stevens, West Adelaide

Michael Stingel, North Launceston Football Club Inc

Lachlan Street, Richmond

Luke Strnadica, East Fremantle

Harry Stubbings, Werribee Football Club

Samuel Stubbs, Perth

Harry Sullivan, Dandenong Stingrays

Lachlan Swaney, Carlton

Matthew Szczesny, Upwey Tecoma Football and Netball Club

Frank Szekely, North Adelaide

Cody Szust, Wodonga Football and Sports Club Ltd.

Cameron Taheny, Not Applicable

Ramzy Tannoura, Westmeadows

Will Tasker, Brisbane Lions

Lewis Taylor, Sydney Swans

Zac Taylor, Calder Cannons

Brynn Teakle, East Fremantle

Jesse Thackeray, West Adelaide

Dylan Thomas, Oakleigh Chargers

Louis Thompson, Bendigo Pioneers

Charlie Thompson, Coburg Lions

Rory Thompson, Gold Coast Suns

Brock Thomson, Eagles

Tyrone Thorne, Peel Thunder

Samuel Thorne, Sydney Swans

Sam Tilley, Lauderdale Football Club

Zachary Tobin, Dandenong Stingrays

Jack Toner, Narre Warren Football Netball Club

Brodie Tonkin, Northern Knights

Jacob Townsend, Not Applicable

Kobe Tozer, Aspley

Toby Triffett, Brisbane Lions

Jock Triggs, Holbrook

Joel Trudgeon, Northern Knights

James Tsitas, Eagles

Sam Tucker, Oakleigh Chargers

Scott Tuia, Peel Thunder

Harry Tunkin, Glenelg

James Tunstill, East Perth

Lachlan Turley, Aquinas College

Jesse Turner, Swan Districts

Fraser Turner, South Adelaide

Kye Turner, Sandringham Dragons

Jak Tute, Geelong Falcons

Liam Ueding, WWT Eagles

Jamison Ugle, Swan Districts

Regan Uwandu, Northern Knights

Bodhi Uwland, Broadbeach AFC

Reed van Huisstede, Sydney Swans

Jacob Van Rooyen, Claremont

Giorgio Varagiannis, Oakleigh Chargers

Rhys Venturoni, Murray Bushrangers

Riley Vidovich, Peel Thunder

Dante Visentini, Sandringham Dragons

Patrick Voss, Oakleigh Chargers

Casey Voss, Sturt

Anthony Vu, North Sunshine

Tristen Waack, Gippsland Power

Corey Wagner, Port Melbourne

Christopher Walker, East Fremantle

Mathew Walker, North Melbourne

William Walker, North Melbourne

Oakley Wallace, Labrador AFC

Henry Walsh, South Barwon

Max Walton, Gippsland Power

Tex Wanganeen, Oakleigh Chargers

Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera, Glenelg

Ethan Warburton, Murray Bushrangers

Joshua Ward, Northern Knights

Isaac Wareham, Geelong Cats

Corey Warner, East Fremantle

Trent Warren, Box Hill Hawks

Bede Waters, Not Applicable

Jay Watson, Eagles

Bryce Watson, Swan Districts

Josh Watson, Northern Knights

Joel Watson, Geelong Amateur

Tobe Watson, Fremantle

Sebastian Watters, Palm Beach Currumbin AFC

Tylar J Watts, Werribee Football Club

Kai Watts, GANMAIN GGM (Riverina Football League)

Jaeden Watts, West Adelaide

Jacob Wehr, GWS Giants

Bayleigh Welsh, Dandenong Stingrays

Liam Whelan, Coburg Lions

Lincoln White, Bendigo Pioneers

Dylan White, West Adelaide

Harrison White, Western Jets

Dominic White, Tasmania Devils

Mitch White, Casey Demons

Luca Whitelum, Central District

Cooper Whyte, Geelong Falcons

Harrison Wigg, North Adelaide

Eamon Wilkinson, South Adelaide

Sean Williams, WAFL Colts-CFC

Jack Williams, East Fremantle

Zane Williams, Eagles

Joshua Williams, Southport Sharks

James Willis, North Adelaide

Darcy Wilmot, Northern Knights

Louis Wilson, Sydney University

Marcus Windhager, Sandringham Dragons

Taj Woewodin, East Fremantle

Boyd Woodcock, Southport Sharks

Benjamin Woodfull, Oakleigh Chargers

Hayden Woodhouse, Surrey Park Junior Football Club

Karl Worner, Oakleigh Chargers

Cairan Wrigglesworth, Calder Cannons

Lachlan Wright, Woorinen Football Club

Zain Yamak, Avondale Heights

Tylar Young, Frankston

Logan Young, Sandringham Dragons

Luke Young, West Adelaide

Zac Young, Brisbane Lions

Charlie Zavarella, Hawthorn AFC

Max Zavarella, Hawthorn AFC