ST KILDA is the final club to reveal its jumper numbers for 2022, with Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera to wear the famous No.7.

Taken with St Kilda's first pick in the 2021 NAB AFL Draft at No.11, Wanganeen-Milera follows in the footsteps of club greats Nicky Winmar and Lenny Hayes, who wore the number across a combined 527 games.

Next Generation Academy recruits Marcus Windhager and Mitch Owens will don No.17 and No.24 respectively, while Oscar Adams (No.27), Jack Peris (No.45) and Josiah Kyle (No.46) also received their numbers.

Ruckman Tom Campbell takes on No.38, while Ryan Byrnes has swapped No.31 for No.13.

Meanwhile, the Saints have announced the No.2 guernsey worn by the late Danny Frawley will be hung inside the Danny Frawley Centre for Health and Wellbeing for the year.

St Kilda’s famous No.2 guernsey will spend season 2022 hung inside the Danny Frawley Centre for Health and Wellbeing. Picture:

Player development manager Tony Brown said the Danny Frawley Centre was the perfect home for the guernsey.

"The number two is an important number within the history of the St Kilda Football Club and Danny is the first person to come to mind for many Saints fans," Brown said.

"Spud represented everything great about being part of this football club. He loved his teammates, the fans and Moorabbin almost as much as he loved his family.

"To have this guernsey hanging in the DFC in its debut year, a place specifically built to continue Danny’s legacy, means a lot to me and I know Spud would be really proud to see it here."

Check out all your club's new numbers below. 

8. Josh Rachele, 12. Jordan Dawson, 14. Jake Soligo, 19. Zac Taylor, 27. Luke Nankervis, 37. Patrick Parnell

1. Kai Lohmann, 14. James Madden, 29. James Tunstill, 32. Darcy Fort, 44. Darcy Wilmot

3. Jesse Motlop, 5. Adam Cerra, 19. Corey Durdin, 29. George Hewitt, 33. Lewis Young, 41.Domanic Akuei

1. Patrick Lipinski, 15. Nathan Kreuger, 16. Oliver Henry, 19. Arlo Draper, 24. Caleb Poulter, 27. Cooper Murley, 35. Nick Daicos, 36. Harvey Harrison, 43. Charlie Dean

8. Ben Hobbs, 11. Will Snelling, 22. Sam Durham, 26. Kaine Baldwin, 28. Alastair Lord, 29. Jake Kelly, 36. Garret McDonagh, 39. Patrick Voss

5. Lachie Schultz, 6. Jordan Clark, 17. Will Brodie, 24. Jye Amiss, 28. Neil Erasmus, 32. Michael Frederick, 38. Roy Benning, 40. Karl Worner, 44. Matthew Johnson

6. Toby Conway, 10. Mitch Knevitt, 11. Cooper Whyte, 15. Jon Ceglar, 18. Tyson Stengle, 20. James Willis, 25. Flynn Kroeger,  28. Ollie Dempsey, 34. Oisin Mullin

Geelong draftees (L-R): Toby Conway, Mitch Knevitt, Cooper Whyte, James Willis, Flynn Kroeger, Ollie Dempsey. Picture:

1. Mabior Chol, 5. Alex Davies, 7. Nick Holman, 20. Jeremy Sharp, 30. Levi Casboult, 31. Mac Andrew, 32. Bodhi Uwland, 33. Charlie Constable, 45. Sandy Brock 

17. Finn Callaghan, 20. James Peatling, 21. Leek Aleer, 31. Jarrod Brander, 34. Josh Fahey, 43. Cooper Hamilton

GWS draftees (L-R): Cooper Hamilton, Leek Aleer, Finn Callaghan, Josh Fahey. Picture:

9. Changkuoth Jiath, 13. Dylan Moore, 18. Max Lynch, 23. Jacob Koschitzke, 24. Denver Grainger-Barras, 25. Josh Ward, 27. Ned Long, 29. Jai Serong, 30. Sam Butler, 31. Connor MacDonald, 33. Tyler Brockman, 34. Fionn O'Hara

21. Jacob van Rooyen, 22. Blake Howes, 27. Luke Dunstan, 40. Taj Woewodin, 41. Judd McVee, 45. Andy Moniz-Wakefield

New Melbourne recruits (back row) Jacob van Rooyen, Luke Dunstan, Andy Moniz-Wakefield, Judd McVee, (front row) Taj Woewodin, Blake Howes

6. Jason Horne-Francis, 18. Hugh Greenwood, 21. Callum Coleman-Jones, 25. Paul Curtis, 27. Miller Bergman, 31. Josh Goater, 34. Jackson Archer

8. Josh Sinn, 11. Jeremy Finlayson. 31. Sam Skinner 36. Jase Burgoyne, 38. Dante Visentini, 39. Hugh Jackson, 43. Trent Dumont

6. Robbie Tarrant, 28. Josh Gibcus, 30. Tom Brown, 40. Tyler Sonsie, 41. Sam Banks, 42. Judson Clarke

New Tiger Robbie Tarrant in his new number. Picture:

7. Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera, 13. Ryan Byrnes, 17. Marcus Windhager, 24. Mitch Owens, 27. Oscar Adams, 38. Tom Campbell, 45. Jack Peris, 46. Josiah Kyle

2. Hayden McLean, 15. Sam Wicks, 19. Peter Ladhams, 29. Angus Sheldrick, 34. Matt Roberts, 37. Corey Warner, 41. Lachie Rankin

10. Sam Petrevski-Seton, 18. Campbell Chesser, 19. Brady Hough, 33. Rhett Bazzo, 34. Jack Williams, 39. Greg Clark

2. Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, 10. Sam Darcy, 22. Tim O'Brien, 25. Charlie Parker, 27. Robbie McComb, 32. Arthur Jones, 36. Luke Cleary, 40. Cody Raak

Jamarra Ugle-Hagan shows off his new jumper number for season 2022. Picture: