IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Nathan Schmook and Sarah Black unpack the Cats and the Crows' lists and look at these teams' expectations for 2022.


- Why everyone seems 'fascinated by the Cats'
- 'Two young players who you could've banked on to be first-22 players for the next 10 years are gone' 
- 'How many years can they keep going before the Cats have to regenerate'
- 'Everything's starting to move in the right direction under Matthew Nicks'
- 'Jordan Dawson's a massive inclusion'
- 'They've got the young talent, but they've also got some experience there to show these young guys the way'

In this episode ...

0:00 – The players heading out of the Cats

1:23 – How Lachie Henderson's retirement will change Geelong's backline

2:33 – Does Chris Scott need to tweak the gameplan?

4:10 – Geelong's ruck stocks in 2022

6:09 – Adelaide's rebuild is in full swing

7:11 – The Crows' young list doesn't have too many holes

8:20 – The young players competing for positions 

10:12 – Adelaide's mix of youth and experience