SIX players have opened the 2022 season with perfect 10 votes from the coaches.

Christian Petracca, Patrick Dangerfield, Luke Parker, Patrick Cripps, Matt Rowell and Dan Houston were all rewarded with maximum votes for their outstanding performances in round one.

Adelaide debutant Josh Rachele gained nine votes for his five-goal effort against Fremantle, while Essendon first-gamer Nic Martin only received two votes from Chris Scott and Ben Rutten despite his five-goal, 27-disposal outing.

Check out all the votes and the leaderboard below.

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The 10: Round one's best moments

Watch all the best highlights from a terrific opening round

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Melbourne v Western Bulldogs

10 Christian Petracca (MELB)
6 Aaron Naughton (WB)
6 Ben Brown (MELB)
4 Bailey Smith (WB)
3 Clayton Oliver (MELB)
1 Ed Langdon (MELB)

Carlton v Richmond

10 Patrick Cripps (CARL)
8 Matthew Kennedy (CARL)
6 Adam Cerra (CARL)
4 George Hewett (CARL)
1 Sam Docherty (CARL)
1 Marc Pittonet (CARL)

St Kilda v Collingwood

9 Jordan De Goey (COLL)
9 Patrick Lipinski (COLL)
5 Taylor Adams (COLL)
5 Jack Hayes (STK)
2 Jeremy Howe (COLL)

Geelong v Essendon

10 Patrick Dangerfield (GEEL)
8 Tom Hawkins (GEEL)
6 Brandan Parfitt (GEEL)
2 Nic Martin (ESS)
2 Tom Atkins (GEEL)
1 Joel Selwood (GEEL)
1 Brad Close (GEEL)

Greater Western Sydney v Sydney

10 Luke Parker (SYD)
8 Tom Green (GWS)
5 Oliver Florent (SYD)
5 Isaac Heeney (SYD)
1 Nick Blakey (SYD)
1 Phil Davis (GWS)

Brisbane v Port Adelaide

10 Dan Houston (PORT)
8 Joe Daniher (BL)
5 Marcus Adams (BL)
4 Travis Boak (PORT)
2 Lachie Neale (BL)
1 Oscar McInerney (BL)

Hawthorn v North Melbourne

8 James Sicily (HAW)
8 Changkuoth Jiath (HAW)
6 Luke McDonald (NMFC)
4 Jack Gunston (HAW)
2 Mitch Lewis (HAW)
2 Jy Simpkin (NMFC)

Adelaide v Fremantle

9 Joshua Rachele (ADEL)
8 Andrew Brayshaw (FRE)
5 Ben Keays (ADEL)
3 Jordan Clark (FRE)
2 Rory Lobb (FRE)
2 James Rowe (ADEL)
1 Sam Switkowski (FRE)

West Coast v Gold Coast

10 Matt Rowell (GCFC)
8 Touk Miller (GCFC)
5 Izak Rankine (GCFC)
3 Jack Redden (WCE)
3 Jamaine Jones (WCE)
1 Jarrod Witts (GCFC)

10 Patrick Cripps CARL
10 Patrick Dangerfield GEEL
10 Dan Houston PORT
10 Luke Parker SYD
10 Christian Petracca MELB
10 Matt Rowell GCFC
9 Jordan De Goey COLL
9 Patrick Lipinski COLL
9 Joshua Rachele ADEL
8 Andrew Brayshaw FRE
8 Joe Daniher BL
8 Tom Green GWS
8 Tom Hawkins GEEL
8 Changkuoth Jiath HAW
8 Matthew Kennedy CARL
8 Touk Miller GCFC
8 James Sicily HAW
6 Ben Brown MELB
6 Adam Cerra CARL
6 Luke McDonald NMFC
6 Aaron Naughto WB
6 Brandan Parfitt GEEL