IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Josh Gabelich join all the dots on football's big issues.


- Joel Selwood set to break record for most games as captain in 'special milestone' 
- 'The Selwood-Pendlebury comparison is uncanny ... it's unbelievable how similar these numbers are'
- 'Two of the best players to never take Charlie home'
- 'So much unknown' about Dusty and if he will return
- The incredible story of this Demon: 9-0 record, a flag, and two rising star noms in his first nine games

In this episode ... 

0:00 – Joel Selwood breaks the most-games-captained record

2:51 – Selwood makes a mockery of pre-draft fears for his longevity

4:17 – Head to head: Selwood v Pendles

6:47 – The best players to never win a Brownlow

7:54 – Damo and Josh make the call

9:31 – The uncertainty surrounding Dustin Martin's desire to play

11:45 – Jake Bowey's 'extraordinary start' to his career

14:08 – An uneven, unfair trade