CARLTON veteran Chris Judd says he feared for his safety and felt "very threatened" after being confronted by an Essendon supporter while out for lunch on Lygon St last week.

Vision supplied to Channel Seven showed Judd receiving a tirade of abuse from a man wearing a Bombers singlet in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Carlton.

Judd, who remained composed when provoked by the man, spoke of his ordeal on Monday evening.

"He was pretty close to coming to blows," Judd told Channel Nine.

"I've got no interest in really fighting anyone, particularly strangers I don't know. I certainly felt in a very threatened situation.

"My mind was generally racing around the fact that I can't do anything to this bloke until I essentially get assaulted first."

Witness Kon Kamvissis, from a nearby fish and chip shop, intervened and tried to deter the man from attacking the Brownlow medallist.

"This guy's come along out of nowhere and starting abusing him (with) every swear word under the sun," Kamvissis said.

"I got in between, tried to calm him down … (but it was) like I didn't exist.

"He was going crazy at Chris, telling him, 'Let's go down the laneway (and) let's sort this out.'"

Judd has decided not to take any further action following the incident.