The AFL Commission was today briefed by Jason Mifsud, AFL Head of Diversity on the work of the Indigenous Advisory Committee, and on the issues confronting the Sydney Swans and Adam Goodes.
The AFL also met with the Swans and the AFLPA.
The AFL commends the strong statements of the West Coast Eagles, other players and coaches, and the support of the AFLPA for Adam.
AFL CEO, Gillon McLachlan said today that Adam Goodes is one of the great champions of the game’s history, a dual Brownlow medallist who has played 365 games, and a role model and leader in the community.
On behalf of the AFL Commission, Mr. McLachlan said:
"Racism has no place in our game, and while I respect that people may have different views about what is happening to Adam, it is impossible to separate this issue from the issue of race.
"The booing of Adam Goodes is being felt as racism by him and by many in our football community and as such, I urge our supporters to understand the toll this is having, the message it is sending, and that it does not reflect well on our game.
"Our game has a proud history of tackling racism and vilification, of creating awareness of differences, and of celebrating indigenous culture.
"We pride ourselves on our inclusion, and on our racial and religious vilification policy.  This part of our game is both our great strength and our continued challenge, and I ask our supporters to continue on this journey with us."