COLLINGWOOD is likely to nominate Josh Daicos and Callum Brown as father-son picks and then wait until draft night to decide if they will join the club, according to Magpies list boss Derek Hine.

And the Pies have confirmed their interest in North Melbourne midfielder Daniel Wells, who has been tipped to join them as a free agent. 

The Pies have first rights over the father-son pair and have closely monitored the duo across this season and previous years in the lead up to their under-18 season.

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However, they haven't given any guarantees to the sons of club legends Peter Daicos and Gavin Brown, who are attending this week's NAB AFL Draft Combine. 

"We've been really open and transparent to both of those boys and obviously Josh and Cal's parents and families. It's a little bit different to previous years," Hine told

"In previous years you'd have to make that decision prior to the trading period but now it's a draft-type format so we're able to put them in a line and call them out where we rate them.

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"They know the process and they know how it works, so we'll just continue with that process."

Under the new father-son bidding process, the Pies can nominate the pair and then wait until another club bids before deciding whether to match it. Hine said that was likely to be the case with Daicos and Brown. 

"We haven't got to that stage yet. We've communicated to both boys that we'll sit down with them and their parents post the combine and then we'll assess it all then. But most likely that will be the outcome," he said. 

The pair are among around 40 prospects the Magpies will have spoken to by the end of the combine on Sunday, with Hine saying the club's approach hadn't changed despite it heading into the trade period without a first-round pick (having traded a future selection for Adam Treloar).

It has left the club looking for other ways to build its list after a disappointing 2016 campaign, with Wells on its board of targets.

The 31-year-old has been in protracted talks with the Roos for a new deal and could leave the club as an unrestricted free agent and automatically join the Pies on a new three-year deal.

"We haven't got a definitive answer from Daniel or his management, so we're hoping that'll transpire in the next 48 hours," Hine said.

"They had their best and fairest last night so we'd envisage something either today, tomorrow or early next week." 

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