NO MATTER how Carlton performs for the rest of this season, the new Blues coach won't have the luxury of the first pick in this year's NAB AFL Draft.

Last year's historic live trade during the draft saw the Blues trade their 2019 first pick to Adelaide in exchange for the Crows' pick 19 (Liam Stocker) in the 2018 draft and their future first-round selection at the 2019 draft.

WHO'S WINNING? Blues, Crows, Liam Stocker and the No.1 pick

With the Blues languishing two games clear on the bottom of the ladder, it's looking very likely the Crows will hold pick No.1 in this year's draft.

Carlton's first pick is tied to Adelaide's position, which as things stand would be pick No.11.

If current ladder positions hold true until the end of the season then these are the picks your club will have.

Indicative draft order after round 11
ADEL1. Adelaide (tied to Carlton)
GCFC2. Gold Coast
MELB3. Melbourne
SYD4. Sydney
WB5. Western Bulldogs
NMFC6. North Melbourne
STK7. St Kilda
HAW8. Hawthorn
GWS9. Greater Western Sydney (tied to Essendon)
FRE10. Fremantle
CARL11. Carlton (tied to Adelaide)
PORT12. Port Adelaide
RICH13. Richmond
GCFC14. Gold Coast (tied to Brisbane)
WCE15. West Coast
BL16. Brisbane (tied to Collingwood)
GWS17. Greater Western Sydney
GEEL18. Geelong

ADEL19. Adelaide (tied to Carlton)
BL20. Brisbane (tied to Gold Coast)
MELB21. Melbourne
WCE22. West Coast (tied to Sydney)
WB23. Western Bulldogs
NMFC24. North Melbourne
SYD25. Sydney (tied to St Kilda)
HAW26. Hawthorn
ESS27. Essendon
FRE28. Fremantle
ADEL29. Adelaide
PORT30. Port Adelaide
RICH31. Richmond
BL32. Brisbane
WCE33. West Coast
COLL34. Collingwood
ESS35. Essendon (tied to Greater Western Sydney)
GEEL36. Geelong

CARL37. Carlton
RICH38. Richmond (tied to Gold Coast)
MELB39. Melbourne
SYD40. Sydney
WB41. Western Bulldogs
NMFC42. North Melbourne
WB43. Western Bulldogs (tied to St Kilda)
WB44. Western Bulldogs (tied to Hawthorn)
ESS45. Essendon
BL46. Brisbane (tied to Fremantle)
CARL47. Carlton (tied to Adelaide)
HAW48. Hawthorn (tied to Port Adelaide)
GCFC49. Gold Coast (tied to Richmond)
BL50. Brisbane
SYD51. Sydney (tied to West Coast)
COLL52. Collingwood
GWS53. Greater Western Sydney
GEEL54. Geelong

SYD55. Sydney (tied to Carlton)
STK56. St Kilda (tied to Gold Coast)
MELB57. Melbourne
SYD58. Sydney
PORT59. Port Adelaide (tied to Western Bulldogs)
PORT60. Port Adelaide (tied to North Melbourne)
WCE61. West Coast (tied to St Kilda)
COLL62. Collingwood (tied to Hawthorn)
ESS63. Essendon
ESS64. Essendon (tied to Fremantle)
PORT65. Port Adelaide (tied to Adelaide)
PORT66. Port Adelaide
RICH67. Richmond
NMFC68. North Melbourne (tied to Brisbane)
STK69. St Kilda (tied to West Coast)
COLL70. Collingwood
CARL71. Carlton (tied to Greater Western Sydney)
RICH72. Richmond (tied to Geelong)

GWS73. Greater Western Sydney (tied to Carlton)
GCFC74. Gold Coast
MELB75. Melbourne
SYD76. Sydney
WB77. Western Bulldogs
NMFC78. North Melbourne
STK79. St Kilda
HAW80. Hawthorn
ESS81. Essendon
FRE82. Fremantle
CARL83. Carlton (tied to Adelaide)
PORT84. Port Adelaide
RICH85. Richmond
BL86. Brisbane
GCFC87. Gold Coast (tied to West Coast)
HAW88. Hawthorn (tied to Collingwood)
GWS89. Greater Western Sydney
GEEL90. Geelong