For this blogs sake let’s just assume good means good and good is positive. Actually good is more than positive it’s bordering on great, nudging at fantastic and breathing down the neck of super (but I won’t go there because that was last weeks blog).

Fabulous, now that’s out of the way I ask of you, is too much of a good thing a good thing? Or a bad thing? Can you have too much of a good thing?

I have recently become addicted to hot cross buns. I can hear you ask, “are they on the counters yet?” Yes they are on the counter and then in my mouth. I never liked hot cross buns. The whole fruit and orange peel in them always forced me to keep my distance. Alas, I tried one. I didn’t eat the whole thing to begin with. I would pick the fruit out and then smother the rest in butter. Now they make fruitless ones, mocha ones and heaven forbid chocolate chip… thank you very much!

I grew up with Rugby League. Both my grandfathers played, as did my Dad. State of Origin was a massive family event on the calendar; Australian Rules Football wasn’t even in our vocabulary. It was ‘the other’ football, ‘aerial ping-ong’ and it annoyingly hogged the one channel - in a two-channel town - all day on a Saturday. And then I met Brett… … …

I am proud to put me hand up and say that I am a footyhead, of the aerial ping-pong kind. I even watched the Bulldogs play the other night just to see what Hally looked like wearing their colours. I love AFL. I love watching it live, I love watching it from the couch in my tracky-dacks with the volume down (depending on who is commentating). AFL is truly a great game and while all things evolve and change I hope that it doesn’t too much. But you know all this.

So can you have too much of a good thing? If chocolate chip hot cross buns are ‘the good’ thing my scales say YES!