About the Sir Doug Nicholls Round Guernsey Designs

The Club guernseys are a key piece of story-telling and fan engagement across the round. These guernseys highlight our connections to Indigenous cultures, and the importance of Sir Doug Nicholls Round to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander players and communities. Read more about this years designs in our teams look at all 18 - Every club's Sir Doug Nicholls Round jumper: Which is best? Vote now.

Umpire Design

This year, the umpires will again wear dedicated uniforms, designed by Indigenous umpire Josh James.

The uniform, which is the same design from 2023, has been designed by Joshua James, a Noongar Wandandi Boodja man and current umpire. The artwork is called Moorditj Koondarm which means “Strong Dreams” in Noongar language. The overall story showcases how strong, resilient and self-determined Aboriginal people are and the unity of people coming together.


Auskick Design

The Auskickers will wear specially designed T-Shirts. The 2024 Sir Doug Nicholls Round Auskick uniform has been designed by Hamish & Kobe Collins.

"My design is a representation of myself and other young people who connect through AFL Aus kick. It reflects my own experience and the journey of connecting the communities all over Australia. As you can see the art reflects lots of people connecting through pathways/ journeys experiences this is including adults, young people, First nations and non working together for greater outcomes that AFL creates."