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About the AFL Hall of Fame

Each year, a select few greats of the game are inducted as members of the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame Induction Dinner is one of football’s most prestigious events.

At the annual induction dinner, football ‘royalty’ gathers for the announcement of the game’s newest Hall of Fame members.

Their identities are always a hotly debated topic and a fiercely protected secret.

In 1996, the AFL announced 136 inductees into the Australian Football Hall of Fame. These players had made their names in the AFL/VFL, in South Australia and in Western Australia and had been selected by the Australian Football Hall of Fame committee.

The subsequent addition of 115 inductees has increased the Australian Football Hall of Fame to 251. Among this number are 25 Australian Football Hall of Fame Legends (there is a restriction that no more than 10 per cent of inductees may be Legends). Individuals are selected for Legend status if they have caused the game to change significantly for the better.

The Australian Football Hall of Fame seeks to recognise and enshrine players, coaches, umpires, administrators and media representatives who have made significant contributions to Australian Football – at any level – since the game’s inception in 1858.

The committee considers candidates on the basis of record, ability, integrity, sportsmanship and character. The number of games played, coached or umpired or years of service is a consideration only and does not determine eligibility.

Players are eligible only after they have been retired from the game for at least five years. Coaches, umpires, administrators and media representatives are eligible only after retirement.

The committee considers candidates from all parts of Australia and from all competitions within Australia.

The Hall of Fame committee can select and enshrine up to six Hall of Fame members each year. Of those, at least two must have retired within 10 years of each induction ceremony. There must be at least one inductee selected from the category of administrator/umpire/media every two years.

The 2014 Australian Football Hall of Fame committee was Mike Fitzpatrick (Chair), Dennis Cometti, Matt Finnis, Jim Main, Bruce McAvaney, David Parkin, Stephen Phillips, Michelangelo Rucci, Col Hutchinson (Statistics & History Consultant) and Patrick Clifton (Secretary).

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