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Administrators Inducted

Inducted Name Profile DOB
2019 Ron Evans Profile: The goalkicker who led the AFL into the 21st century
Playing career: 1960-75 (NA 1960-73; Nor 1974-75)
Games: 248 (NA 234; Nor 14). Goals: 68 (NA 68; Nor 0)
Coaching record: Norwood 1974-79 (141 games, 89 wins, 52 losses, premiership 1975, 1978); Sydney 1984 (8 games, 3 wins, 5 losses); South Australia 1983 (2 games, 1 win, 1 loss)
2015 Bob Hammond Profile: Pick a great SA footy moment and chances are Hammond was involved
Playing career: 1960-75 (NA 1960-73; Nor 1974-75)
Games: 248 (NA 234; Nor 14). Goals: 68 (NA 68; Nor 0)
Coaching record: Norwood 1974-79 (141 games, 89 wins, 52 losses, premiership 1975, 1978); Sydney 1984 (8 games, 3 wins, 5 losses); South Australia 1983 (2 games, 1 win, 1 loss)
2009 Ross Oakley After an injury shortened career with St Kilda he became one of the games most influential administrators, overseeing the transition of the VFL into the AFL and the advent of the national competition. Operating as CEO through the late 80s and into the 1990s he oversaw the introduction of West Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Fremantle and Port Adelaide into the competition.
Playing career: 1962-1966
Games: 62 Goals: 38
2007 Bob McLean McLean played 221 SANFL games (113 for Port Adelaide and 73 for Norwood) and played in Port's 1939 premiership side. He was Port's leading goalkicker four times, kicking 471 career goals. He also played three games for St Kilda in 1941 while on miltary service. Gave outstanding service as an administrator and was Port Adelaide's secretary from 1949-80 and chairman from 1983-89. Was a SANFL league director for 29 years, and was awarded an OBE for his services to football. 1/2/1914
2005 Max Basheer Long serving South Australian administrator who has given the game more than 50 years service. Played for Adelaide university (1946-51) and was chairman of the SANFL Commissioners 1962-66, SANFL senior vice-president 1967-78 and SANFL president 1978-2003. Was chairman of the SA Football Commission from 1990 to 2003 and in his time has overseen the establishment of AAMI Stadium and the introduction of Adelaide and Port Adelaide to the AFL. 9/05/1927
1997 Charles Brownlow Player with Geelong, 1880-1891; secretary of Geelong, 1885-1923, and VFL president, 1918-1919. Brownlow Medal struck in his honor. 25/07/1861
1996 Bruce Andrew Played in Collingwood's 1928 and 1930 premiership teams before becoming Collingwood vice-president, 1933-40; Australian National Football Council field director 1949-76, secretary 1950-76; Channel 7 World of Sport panellist 1960-80; AFL Life Member. 28/2/1908
1996 Dr Wm C. McClelland Cool level-headed defender for Melbourne who was club president for 14 years before becoming VFL president from 1926 to 1955. 9/2/1875
1996 Eric McCutchan Played a major role in the development of Waverley Park. Joined VFL staff in 1932. Assistant secretary 1945-1955, secretary 1956-1965, administrative director 1966-1976. N/A
1996 Henry Harrison Played role in formation of the first Australian Football Club in Melbourne in 1858. Also framed, with Thomas Wills, the first rules of Australian Football. President of Melbourne 1897 to 1906. 16/10/1836
1996 Jack Hamilton Tough full-back for Collingwood and became the AFL's first chief commissioner. Was VFL assistant secretary 1957-1967, VFL manager administration 1967-1977, general manager 1977-1984, chief commissioner 1984-1986. 28/11/1928
1996 'Like' McBrien VFL secretary, 1929-1956, secretary of South Melbourne, 1922-1928. Was instrumental in the AFL buying its first head office, Harrison House, in Spring Street, Melbourne, in 1929. Played a leading role in negotiations with the MCG Trustees, which led to the finals being played at the MCG. N/A
1996 Pat Rodriguez Leading player in the WAFL before becoming an administrator. Began administrative career as delegate for Claremont in WAFL in 1927, WAFL senior vice-president in 1949, and WAFL president, 1951-1964. President of ANFC 1956-1964. 16/3/1900
1996 Sir Kenneth Luke Played a major role, along with Eric McCutchan, in the purchase of land for Waverley Park. Carlton Football Club committeeman 1935-1937, Carlton president 1938-1955; VFL vice-president 1946-1955, VFL president 1956-1971. 11/11/1898
1996 Thomas Hill Secretary of Norwood in SANFL, 1926-1935; SANFL secretary 1935-1963; secretary Australian Football Council 1938-1947. N/A
1996 Thomas Wentworth Wills Regarded as the creator of Australian Football and was the founder of the Geelong Football Club. Also involved in the formation of the Melbourne Football Club and was its first secretary and captain. 19/12/1835


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