THE MONEY isn't in the Brisbane Lions' bank just yet, but Tuesday night's Queensland Budget appears to have left aside funding for the club's proposed new training base at Springfield. 

The budget has a line item for $15 million – exactly what the Lions have asked for - set aside for a community sporting project, on the condition is it matched by other tiers of government.

Those "other tiers" are the federal government. 

The Lions have applied for $15 million through a federal 'regional growth' fund that it hopes to get approval on in the coming months.

The fund has a purse of almost $300 million to allocate.

While each tier of government plays a "you commit first and then we'll match" style of game, the Lions are confident everything is on track for their new home base.

"The timeframe is still going as planned," AFLQ's state planning and infrastructure manager Jake Anson told

"The club would love to know the outcome of the federal funding bid but it understands governments take time on these things."

The Lions have $40 million of the $70 million it needs to build 'The Reserve' in Brisbane's west, which will house the players and staff in a state-of-the-art facility, and also allow for the construction of a boutique stadium to host AFLW matches and a host of community groups.