West Coast's recruiting team is seen during the 2022 NAB AFL Draft. Picture: AFL Photos

CLUBS will head to draft night with the same selections they had following the recent trade period after the secondary pick swaps window ended with no trades being completed.

Recruiters and list bosses had a secondary trade window open on October 23 when they could do deals for picks only, with it closing on Friday at 5pm AEDT.

No deals were agreed upon in the three-week period, meaning clubs will next be able to execute pick trades again as soon as the draft starts on November 20.

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Discussions are expected to continue and deals can be agreed between clubs before then, however they won't be activated until the draft opens.

North Melbourne and Melbourne have put forward offers for the No.1 pick since the end of the trade period but West Coast has not been moved to trade the selection.

The Demons have offered their full available hand, including three first-round picks, to snare Harley Reid, while the Roos have put forward different combinations given their suite of selections. With the Eagles expected to hold the pick, they could be active in the future trading space on the night - especially if WA prospect Daniel Curtin is still available - by using a future first-round pick to dangle to clubs.

Geelong has been open to offers for pick No.8 but appears more likely to hold the selection come draft night, while Sydney has had interest in shifting up the board from No.12, using that pick as well as a first-rounder next year.


The rapid decline in selections being swapped in the picks only trade period could see the AFL review how it uses the time in between the trade and draft.

In the second pre-draft trade period back in 2019, there were 26 picks swapped in that window, before 20 picks switched hands in 2020.

There has been a steep drop in numbers, however, in the past three years with eight picks traded in 2021, seven in 2022 and now none this year after the close of the full trade period.

There are still expected to be plenty of pick swapping through both nights of the draft, but clubs have preferred to hold their draft hand until the night to see which players are still available before making deals.