AFTER satisfying its need for another ruckman, Richmond expects to lay low for the rest of the Gillette AFL Trade Period.

On Monday, the Tigers secured former Carlton ruckman Shaun Hampson in exchange for the current pick 28 in next month's NAB AFL Draft.

Richmond football manager Dan Richardson told Gillette Trade Radio on Tuesday that while the club couldn’t rule out being involved in further trade activity, it would likely take a back seat from here on.

"Our strategy has been mainly a bit of stability and retaining key players (and) we've fortunately been able to do that," Richardson said.

"(Our recruiting) team has done a terrific job over the last few years and … had a fairly significant turnover of players the last three, four years, so I don’t see that continuing this year. From this point on, we certainly don’t have any plans for anything else.

"We were keen to get another ruckman in (and) we've been able to achieve that. I can’t guarantee nothing else will happen for us, but at this stage I would think it's (about) stability and going with our list as it is … and having pick 11 or 12 … and a couple of picks in the draft will be an important part of that strategy."