CAROLINE Wilson is unhappy about "vicious" comments made about her by Eddie McGuire, James Brayshaw and Danny Frawley, saying the Collingwood president "gets away with a lot because people are scared of him".

McGuire and North Melbourne president Brayshaw joked with fellow commentator and All Australian selector Frawley during a radio segment about drowning senior Fairfax journalist Wilson ahead of the Big Freeze at the 'G last Monday.

McGuire stopped short of apologising on his Triple M breakfast radio program on Monday morning, saying the segment had been intended as "banter" but conceded his comments had been "unacceptable" given they could be "perceived to promulgate domestic violence".

Wilson told 3AW on Monday morning she thought McGuire had "crossed the line" but was unsure whether reports were correct that he had been given an ultimatum by the AFL to "apologise or resign".

"I wasn't happy about [the comments]," Wilson said.

"Funnily enough, I ran into Ed at the Hall of Fame (night) and then again when they launched the women's footy teams on Wednesday and I did feel a bit uncomfortable being around him. I didn't go and talk to him.

"We've jousted in the past many times. On this one, I do think he probably crossed the line, and I didn't like the language, and I think it's such a pity that they needed to default to that really vicious language. And I don't accept that it was playful banter."

Wilson suspected McGuire's comments could have been in response to a column she wrote after Collingwood's round seven loss to Carlton, calling for McGuire to put a succession plan in place for the Collingwood presidency.

"I think he thinks I burnt him," Wilson said.

"I think he gets away with a lot because people are scared of him. His board didn't stand up to him over the Adam Goodes business, the AFL didn't stand up to him over equalisation.

"It just keeps happening because he has such power and I think because I occasionally take him to task and challenge him he doesn't like it."

Wilson said Frawley had left her a voice message on Sunday apologising for his comments.

A North Melbourne spokesman said Brayshaw would address the furore on his afternoon radio show today.

The AFL released a statement on Sunday night, saying the Triple M radio team's banter regarding Wilson "could be seen to be supporting violent attitudes or actions against women".

The statement criticised both McGuire and Brayshaw for referencing Wilson "in a disparaging manner".

Discussing next year's Big Freeze at the 'G, where celebrities slide down into ice water to raise money for motor neurone disease, McGuire said last Monday: "In fact I reckon we should start the campaign for a one-person slide next year. Caroline Wilson. And I'll put in 10 grand straight away — make it 20. And, if she stays under, 50.

"What do you reckon guys? Who else is up there? I know you're in JB [James Brayshaw]?''

Brayshaw replied: "No, yep, straight in.''

Frawley then interjected "I'll be in amongst it Ed'' before later joking "I'll actually jump in and make sure she doesn't -I'll hold her under, Ed.''