The AFL has today issued banning notices to the patrons involved in an incident at the Round Eight match between Carlton and Collingwood at the MCG.

All four patrons have been banned from attending any AFL match for a five-year period at all AFL venues across the country, beginning from May 16, 2019.

AFL General Counsel Andrew Dillon said: "Over 2.7 million fans have attended an AFL match so far this season, we will not let the actions of a few ruin it."

"Part of the of fabric of our game is you can go to the footy and sit with family and friends from your club and opposition fans, in a safe and welcoming environment." Mr Dillon said.

"The benchmark is clear. If you come to the football and act like this recent example, you will be held accountable."

If found attending a match during the next five years, they will be evicted and potentially longer bans will be enforced.

The AFL share this information with our partner venues across the country in order to take reasonable steps to enforce the ban.

"We want fans to continue to go to the footy, enjoy the experience and do so responsibly." Mr Dillon said.