GREATER Western Sydney will continue to work closely with the AFL to develop an appropriate funding model and strategy after posting a loss of $529,000 in 2014.
Club chairman Tony Shepherd said the club was in a sound financial position and had budgeted to improve corporate sales, membership and ticket sales in 2015.
He said the club would continue to invest in its football program and infrastructure because on-field success was vital for the club's future plans.
In their third year in the AFL, the Giants earned revenue of $33 million in 2014 and finished the season with six wins. 
The Giants’ average home crowd was 9,608 and they signed 13,000 members.
The club received additional funds from the AFL in 2014 and an interest free loan of $1.25 million to invest in its new training facility at Sydney Olympic Park with the AFL prepared to take a long-term view on the venture.
"We are operating in the biggest and most competitive market in Australia and yet we can be pleased with the progress the club is making after just three years," Shepherd said.
He said that the introduction of the Giants and Gold Coast had been beneficial to the code with other clubs benefiting from their introduction via increased broadcast rights.
He said the club had also secured a new sponsor – Virgin – and was playing a significant role in the increased exposure of the game in NSW.
"There is no doubt that a second club working to develop NSW and the ACT has resulted in an uplift in participation, crowds, membership and TV ratings and will be hugely beneficial for the game long-term," Shepherd said.
Despite the result the AFL is understood to have not set any timeline on when it expects the club to no longer be in receipt of AFL funding. At least nine clubs were recipients of AFL financial support this past season.
Shepherd said the club understood the importance of improvement on-field to consolidate its position.
"Improved on-field performance will also build attendances and membership. We have a world class venue at Spotless Stadium and want to further invest in it to enhance the entertainment experience," Shepherd said.
"We have also invested in a state-of-the-art training and administration facility at Sydney Olympic Park to give our players and staff the best opportunity of achieving success."
The club faces a critical period with several star youngsters Jeremy Cameron, Dylan Shiel, Stephen Coniglio, Devon Smith, Adam Treloar and Will Hoskin-Elliott out of contract at the end of the year and yet to re-sign in 2016.