HERITIER Lumumba believes the fresh perspective of playing football for Melbourne will help him take his game to "another level" in 2015.

After playing 199 games in 10 seasons for Collingwood, the premiership defender was traded to the Demons in one of the off-season's high-profile moves.

His new home at Gosch's Paddock is barely a few torpedo punts from the Westpac Centre, but Lumumba said the club swap is already paying dividends.

“There are a few different tweaks to the program which I’ve really enjoyed," Lumumba told melbournefc.com.au.

“I’ve really relished the changes in perspectives and philosophies around training from the sports science group to the medical staff and also the coaches and assistant coaches.

"Those changes are things that I feel as though will allow me to get the best out of myself as an athlete and go to another level."

The Demons have upped their training intensity this pre-season after they won four games in Paul Roos' first season at the helm.

Veteran midfielder Daniel Cross rated one pre-Christmas session as the toughest of his 13-season career and Lumumba said the workload was on a par with Nathan Buckley's regime at Collingwood.

“To be honest, I can tell that the training has gone up to another level even though I wasn’t here last year," said Lumumba, who was named All-Australian in 2010.

"I can tell by what the guys have said and they seem to really be embracing the challenges that have come our way.

“I’m really enjoying it and don’t really have anything to compare it to apart from what we did at Collingwood. Like I said, it’s quite similar in terms of the workload.

“Last pre-season at Collingwood was a step-up for me and I have to say what we are doing at Melbourne is on par with that.”

Although he's still settling into his new surroundings, the dashing 28-year-old is keen to pass on his experience to Melbourne's other recruits this pre-season.

“There’s been times where I’ve felt as though it’s been my first year again, walking into a brand new club environment," Lumumba said.

“There has been a lot of nostalgia there with walking just across the road and going through similar experiences and getting to know guys names again and also learning the slight tweaks to game plans.

"There is a lot of information you have to take in and remember so I’ve found it really refreshing.

“The thing that is different is that I do have the 10 years of experience, which has been really valuable to make the transition smoother but we also have 10 other players who have just walked into the football club.

“I’ve seen it as a role for myself to help those guys as well with some of the experiences or challenges they may be facing but also identifying the opportunities we all have ahead of us.”